12 Ways to Awaken the Senses Game

12 Ways to Awaken the Senses Game

We experience the world through our five senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Then stimulating our senses, or amplifying our five senses of feeling, can have a more intense feeling.

What is sensory play?

Sensory games are anything that engages your senses and uses them to make you feel pleasure. Examples of common sensory play are, blindfolds, ice play, candle play, spanking, etc. It can be as rough or as gentle as you like. In sensory play, it is important to focus on how the different stimuli make you feel. 

Sensory play techniques to try

1. Create an atmosphere

Atmosphere is a very important part of sex, a good atmosphere can not only enhance sexual desire, increase the frequency of lovemaking as well as more immersive enjoyment. The most basic requirement is clean and tidy, keep the bedroom supplies clean, especially bedding. Increase the scent of the bedroom, you can have a better olfactory experience.

2. Temperature game

Temperature games mainly refer to ice games and candle games. Beginners can choose special low-temperature candles to avoid burning their partners and need to be careful to avoid hairy places, such as the head, face and genital area. Candle play is a pleasurable experience through the stimulating sensation of heat. Ice cubes can be used to gently slide ice cubes over your partner's body or to kiss your partner with ice cubes in your mouth.

3. Explore ASMR

ASMR focuses on enhancing stimulation and feelings through different sounds, auditory stimulation. Examples include erotically related audio, gasps, whispers and the sound of a squeaky bed, which can be very evocative, cause arousal and tension, and enhance sexual desire.

4. Tactile play

If you are more sensitive to tactile stimulation, then you can explore different tactile stimulation to bring you the feeling, such as trying different objects, across the body to bring different feelings. For example, feathers, leather products, silk fabrics, etc.

5. Erotic Audio

Erotic audio can be a great way to bring you into a situation, use your imagination to envision the scene and add a storyline to it. Create your own favorite stories to enhance the sense of immersion. If you want to have a better stimulation feeling, you can add touching, masturbation or sex toys.

6. Watch pornography

Watching pornography is not only a great visual experience, as well as exploring your sexual fantasies and preferences. Being immersed in your favorite storyline, or sexual preference, enhances your experience of all five senses.

7. Bondage

Bondage can bring about intense feelings of excitement and arousal, both for the bondage and the person being bonded. You can start with simple bondage, for example, binding hands or feet, using tools such as handcuffs, rope or even ties. If you are not satisfied with this, you can learn more about it and do more bondage while ensuring your partner's safety and pleasure.

8. Try impact play

Shock game mainly refers to sex is to use tools or hand whipping or being whipped, this is a kind of pain and pleasure in the delicate balance of the game, common props have, paddle, whip and other tools.

9. Food

Taste food during sex, not only can get a good taste enjoyment.

10. Blindfolding

Blindfolding is one of the easiest ways to increase excitement and tension, and can be replaced with many everyday items, such as sleep blindfolds, scarves or ties.

11. Mirror Sex

Adding a vertical full-length mirror in the bedroom allows you to better observe your partner's reactions as well as your partner's behavior, increasing visual stimulation. Let sex become more tense and exciting, but also in this case to flirt with the partner, in his ear next to the dirty talk, so that each other faster into the sexual arousal.

12. Add sex toys

To make your sex life more interesting, then sex toys are a very good choice. Nowadays, there are very many choices of sex toys, such as different types, functions and colors, which can meet your different demands. For example, common types of sex toys are, vibrators, penis rings, anal plugs, dildos, airplane cups, SM props, etc. These can quickly ignite each other's libido and increase the freshness of bedroom play.


If starting a new activity first, it is vital that you communicate with your partner before you begin, make sure your partner agrees as well as learn about each other's preferences, if you can develop a yes, no, maybe sheet to better understand and record each other's preferences.

Understand the risks of each game and prepare and educate yourself accordingly before trying a new activity. When trying with your partner, pay attention to your partner's reactions, respect your partner's feelings, and stop immediately if either partner feels uncomfortable. Don't be in a hurry when you start trying things out, and start small. Good and accurate feedback afterward can better enhance the sexual experience

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