14 must-learn methods of self-pleasure orgasm -Part 1

14 must-learn methods of self-pleasure orgasm -Part 1

Today we're going to talk about how girls "masturbate". Below we've found 14 different tips and tricks for self-pleasure that will ensure you get a super powerful orgasm.

Another reason you must read is that this article can help you fully understand your anatomy, so you can understand where the vagina can be sexually aroused, and it is also greatly related to orgasm. If you want to buy some sex toys to enhance your sexual pleasure, feel free to check out the ooty website.

1. Up & Down

The first tip will get you started and it's pretty simple, you'll focus on the top of the clitoris, then all you need to do is rub one finger up and down in the same direction, if you want more stimulation , then rub directly on the clitoris.

It's simple, but of course, you can experiment with the force, speed, and length of the stroke to be rubbed back and forth. It's also an easy trick, the way to help yourself while you're giving your other half a blowjob 😉.

2. Long, slow strokes

Using one or more fingers, glide up and down between the clitoris and vagina in a very light, gentle motion. Listen to your body to see which position is most comfortable when stimulated.

Then try stroking faster and slower to see which is the most sexually pleasing. Also try a different direction, starting from your clitoris down or up, you may not necessarily get an orgasm from it, but it's a great masturbation technique to help you explore your vagina and discover what feels most sexually pleasing place.

3. From left to right

Here's another simple and easy-to-understand masturbation technique to keep you focused on your clitoris. Like the title says, you'll be rubbing your clit back and forth.

Some women prefer indirect touch in such a way that they barely touch their clitoris; while others prefer more intense touch for sexual pleasure. As always, you will need to experiment with different ways to explore yourself, here are some of them:

try different speeds
Change how much you feel happy
try using some lube
Use different fingers (one, two, three or four)
Switch back and forth between direct and indirect touch

4. Feel the good experience with four fingers

This is probably the most commonly used and most efficient of the 14 techniques in this article. Using four fingers to stroke back and forth between the clitoris will make it very easy to orgasm. Bring your four fingers together and stroke back and forth in a circular motion between your clitoris and vagina.

You can use small circles to focus on stroking on the clitoris, or large circles to draw circles over the labia, U-spot, and other parts of the vagina. (See point 5 for U point)

This masturbation technique is also great for pairing with sex, or asking your significant other to help you.

5. U point

Many women don't know the position of the U point. You can look at the "deep" position in the picture below. It is the U point (it is worth noting that in the actual vagina, this position does not have any obvious color difference), just like you As you can see, this is a skin location above the urethra.

Stimulating with your fingers as shown in the picture below is very comfortable when you just rub the U-spot, and a better way is to stroke the clitoris from rubbing the U-spot up and back, as many times as you like.

If you're not ready to get wet to rub your U-spot, make sure you have a lube on hand! Also, don't be afraid to go on an adventure and start massaging your labia and clitoris for a different pleasure.

For some women, the U-spot may be higher than this picture, look down from the clitoris!

6. Fall in love with the faucet!

If you haven't used a shower head or faucet to rush your private parts, you're out of luck! Some women have used this method over the past few decades. Because it is not a way of masturbating with your hands, you will find that the feeling is completely different from that of your fingers. All you need to do is put your vagina underneath and let the water rush to your vagina at will.

There's not necessarily any science behind this, but everyone who's tried it has found it to be wonderful and it can get you to orgasm very quickly. So try it out and see how good this is!

Little warning! Another benefit of masturbating while you're in the shower is that you're trying to get yourself wet and squirting (orgasm) quickly, so you can rinse and clean up quickly afterward 😉.

7. Use a cap that covers the clitoris

Some women have very sensitive clitoris, even to the point of being uncomfortable, and if you are such a person, you may find that the above can cause you discomfort and even pain.

If that's the case, then instead of directly stimulating the clitoris using the techniques mentioned above, use the clitoral cap as a cushion, the skin that covers the clitoris. As shown in FIG.

So, if your clitoris is really sensitive, give it a boost through the clitoral cap!

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