14 must-learn methods of self-pleasure orgasm -Part 2

14 must-learn methods of self-pleasure orgasm -Part 2


You may have the opposite problem of the seventh point above, the clitoris is "not sensitive enough", then do your best to rub, touch, stimulate your clitoris and surrounding area. No problem, there is an easy way to allow yourself to get intense clitoral stimulation that you will need to explore more.

As shown in the picture, place your fingers on both sides of the top of the clitoris and slowly tug the skin back and forth to help you explore more. However, tugging the skin over the clitoris is not exactly a masturbation technique, but it allows you to stimulate directly with your other hand or a vibrator, which can also help in certain sexual positions. , and get more clitoral stimulation.

9. Orgasmic Meditation

When I first heard the word "orgasm meditation", I thought of something like tantra (a way of having sex that doesn't require an orgasm). In a sense, orgasm meditation is quite similar to tantric sex. , does not necessarily have to climax during sex. So how do you stimulate your clitoris during orgasm meditation?

The most basic technique involves you and your man, you have to lie down comfortably with your feet outstretched while your partner sits comfortably on your right, bending his left foot over you his abdomen; and his right leg will be placed under yours. Then he needs to start stroking your clitoris very lightly and slowly with one finger dipped in lube in a clockwise sector of the dotted white patch shown above, remember to be as gentle as possible .

10. Knead

The technique of kneading the clitoris is rarely used, and everyone knows that the clitoris is the most nerve-dense place in the body.

The clitoris we see is not only a sensitive point, there is a "clitoral bulb" under the clitoris, which is invisible to our eyes but very sensitive, so we can use "kneading" to call stimulate it.

All you need to do is place your fingers on either side of the indigo as shown, press down and knead the perimeter, start very gently and you will quickly notice that there will be of sexual pleasure appears. Then simply "play" around the clitoris and folds with your thumb and forefinger

A fun way to think of it as a miniature penis is to twitch it back and forth slightly.

As has been said above, the most important thing is that you can do a lot of experimentation to see which techniques you get the most satisfying sexual pleasure in.

11. Your lovely pussy lips

Rubbing and stimulating your labia is another way of masturbating. It won't necessarily give you an orgasm, but it can be a great way to build more passionate masturbation skills. Here are some ways to rub your labia:

Use your fingers to move back and forth over it as shown
Simultaneous pressing and kneading
Make yourself more "slippery" with some lube
Of course, you can also use different things to stimulate, for example: massage sticks.

12. Arch your pillow and rub it!

Many women learn to masturbate for the first time by rubbing pillows, toys, blankets or sheets. This technique can satisfy your clitoris and labia at the same time. You will get a lot of stimulation by rubbing pillows while wearing panties or naked. The following There are several ways:

If you have a long pillow, you can lie down with the pillow between your legs and wrap your calf around the pillow, which will press against your clitoris and labia at the same time.

If you don't have a long pillow, get a medium sized one and straddle it, or fold it in half and straddle it, then rub it according to your excitement.

Another great way to put more pressure and irritation on your vagina is to put a towel on top of the pillow, this will roughen the surface and make you feel more rubbed, and also prevent your pillow from getting wet 😉 . Extra tip: you can also try putting an electric toothbrush and a soft toy under the towel!

Using a pillow is the most basic of masturbation techniques. Next time, try to rub against your significant other directly astride his thigh!

13. The Pearl Necklace Rule

The Pearl Necklace Rule focuses on rubbing the little peas on top of the necklace.

When you are using this technique, you will want to kneel or stand, and then you will need to hold one end of the necklace in front of your body while the other hand catches it from the back of your body. Next, slowly pull the necklace back and forth across your body, allowing it to pass through your vagina, clitoris, and labia. It would be more fun if you paired it with some lube.

Don't just limit yourself to necklaces, pair it with a towel, silk scarf, or something else to give you a different feel.

😋 Little warning! Try not to take really expensive pearl necklaces, in case you accidentally break them!

14. Massage Stick Time

Massage stick! Massage stick! Massage stick! Some would call it an affair, but more positive reviews and nearly half of women used it. The vibrator usually acts as an orgasm facilitator, making it easier to achieve orgasm and passion.

Everyone has individual preferences, here are some good ideas for you to consider:

Some people like to rub their body with a sex toy such as vibrator and can even orgasm by rubbing against their breasts and nipples.

Some people like to indirectly touch their clitoris by vibrating. Direct stimulation can sometimes be too much, so using tips 7 and 9 will work for such people; some even recommend placing a towel over a toy or over the clitoris.

Some people need direct clitoral stimulation in order to squirt. And "point 8" will help you get a lot of direct stimulation.

Some people like to use a massage stick to rub back and forth on the labia, see point 11!

Others like to be inserted directly by the vibrator.

By the way, if you all use a massage stick for masturbation, you can use these techniques mentioned above, because there is no one-size-fits-all method or technique for using a massage stick orgasm, and trying various tricks can bring you more fun 😊!

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