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18 details to ignite your sex life

Want to have a more perfect sex life, details to do, which should also be essential for male and female life, can make the bed movement become more hot passion, the following are 18 sex details, you know a total of a few it, while learning to use the actual will have a different harvest Oh. If you need to learn more about sex-related articles, feel free to check out the ooty website!

1、Soft lighting

It can create a special atmosphere for the bedroom. Not many people like to make love in bright light, after all, so to create an enchanting atmosphere, you can dim the light of the main lamp. Install a few small lights above the bed or on the wall, and of course, lighting candles is also a good choice!

2、Warm fireplace

If your bedroom is cold in winter, it is important to use a heater to warm up the room quickly. When two people are naked during lovemaking, the cold inhibits lust while the warmth ignites it.

3、Extra large mattress

Of course, the bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Acquire as large a bed as possible. The choice of mattress is also important. A hard mattress is more suitable for the same room.

Softly lit bedroom

4、Soft bed sheet

Satin sheets look luxurious and attractive, but it is difficult for most people to acquire this item. Because its price is too expensive, and washing is not easy. Although cotton sheets are not as attractive as satin sheets, but soft, comfortable, plus the price is moderate, many people use.

5、Deluxe bed cover

You want to make the bed charming Romantic, give it plus canopy, or covered with a gorgeous bed cover, are very good. Of course, there are canopy, drapery four-poster bed, more to meet such requirements.

6、Other furniture

For example, chairs, small sofas, is also indispensable in the bedroom, because they can increase the possible positions of sexual intercourse. Bedroom if you can leave some open space better, with cheap carpets, it becomes a good place for massage, with the room!

7、Mirror decoration

Many people like to hold over the mirror to watch their coital situation. The purpose can be achieved by decorating mirrors in appropriate places in the bedroom. However, to be effective, pre-design is necessary. Remember: some people do not like to see themselves making love and ask their partner's wishes beforehand.

8、Be prepared

At the beginning of intercourse, put all the things you need around the bed, like condoms, lubricant, towels, a large bottle of thirst-quenching lemon nectar. That way, there's no need to think about anything other than how to enjoy sex.

9、Prepared for a rainy day

Many brides have found that if they spend some time engaging in positive sexual fantasies prior to their upcoming sexual activity, they can get themselves physically and emotionally excited.

10、Eliminate worries

"My boobs are too small! You don't have the same body as his past girlfriends!" These annoyances will only greatly reduce your sex drive. "When you're the only naked woman in the bedroom, you're the most attractive in his eyes," say sexologists.

11、Appreciate yourself

Learning to accept and appreciate your body, even if it has some imperfections or even flaws, is the key to a positive sexual response. It is best to remember that it is a woman's eroticism and congeniality that can turn a man on his head.

12、Emotional climax

"How many times do I have orgasms and how long do they last" ...... When we look at sex this way, some of the pleasure is naturally lost. In fact, sexual pleasure is sometimes dependent on your feelings with him, so that sweet love is the key to sex.

13、Full relaxation

Listen to music, take a hot bath, read a book or do anything that is relaxing. When people are in a relaxed state it will help to have an orgasm.

A beautiful woman lying relaxed on her side on the bed

14、Don't be distracted

Before sexual activity, leave all those things that are bothering you behind, or arrange them properly before having sex. This will help women focus on their bodies and good feelings, so that orgasm will be easy to achieve.

15、Eliminate grievances

For most women, it is necessary to eliminate those feelings of resentment and hurt before they can achieve the most intimate union with their partner, which requires the union of the heart before the union of the sex organs.

16、Resonance love desire

Men always seem impatient during intercourse, when you might want to let him cool down from his blind passion for a while. Expert advice: tell him your rhythm, he will be able to match you well, and you will have more harmonious sex.

17、Please face to face

The face is the most sensual part of the whole body. Don't be shy about caressing his face, run your fingers over each other's nose, and his cheeks and lips, so he can feel your deep love.

A couple gazing at each other

18、Staring at each other

You can certainly close your eyes during intercourse and enjoy sex individually. However, if you open your eyes at the same time and gaze into each other's eyes, you will find that it is a shared experience.

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