8 common sexual fears

8 common sexual fears

Sex is a beautiful thing, relieves anxiety and stress, and is good for our health. However, sexual fear can stifle the beauty of sex, making us fearful of sex, afraid of becoming anxious about sex, and thus avoiding sex. Sexual fear is a relatively common thing, and some people may not realize it themselves, but if these fears affect your sexual life, you should pay attention to it. Think about why you are afraid and what you are afraid of, whether it is a bad sexual experience. Find what scares you and try to overcome it.

1. Fear of rejection

Fear of initiating sex with a partner, believing that one is unattractive, and fear of bringing it up with a partner. Remember that your partner's rejection is not personal; it may be because he or she is too tired today, doesn't have time to engage, or is too stressed. But don’t be afraid of rejection, what if you succeed?

2. Not confident about your body

Not feeling confident about your own nudity is something I believe is a source of anxiety and fear for many people. Due to the development of porn, people have unrealistic expectations for their own bodies or their partners' bodies, and fear that their partners will be disappointed and disillusioned. People usually exaggerate their shortcomings, such as being too fat, having acne, having unsightly lines, having a belly, having thick legs or not being satisfied with their reproductive organs. Lack of self-confidence in the body leads to fear that one's partner will be judged for being dissatisfied with one's body, and one is relatively negative about sexual behavior.

3. Fear of sharing sexual fantasies and fetishes

Sharing sexual fantasies and kink is a relatively private matter. People are afraid to share sexual fantasies because they are afraid that their partners will think they are too perverted and will be disgusted by their sexual fantasies. You can build trust and sexual intimacy with your partner step by step before sharing your sexual fantasies. In the process, you can slowly guide and observe your partner's reaction. If you don't feel good, you can stop sharing.

4. Fear of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Fear of pregnancy and illness are very normal and common sexual fears. If you are afraid of this, it is necessary to take safety measures on a daily basis. If you are still afraid of this, you can communicate with your partner, or go to the hospital for an examination for sex-related diseases to relieve your anxiety and fear in this regard.

5. Fear of pain

If you have sex too quickly, do not lubricate it well, or have sex that is too intense, you will feel pain during sex. If your past bad sex experiences have affected you and made you often feel pain during sex, talk to your partner. It is important to communicate well, find out the reasons, and put forward your needs and wishes.

If you experience anxiety, tension, or even vaginismus during sex with your partner, it’s time to take it seriously and seek help from a third party, such as a doctor or a sex therapist. Or exercise your vagina by doing Kegel exercises.

6. Fear of not being able to reach orgasm

The fear of not being able to reach orgasm is something that some women will feel afraid of. After all, many women cannot achieve orgasm by relying only on penetration, so it is important to find other ways to achieve orgasm. My suggestion is that you can use masturbation to understand your sensitive zones, what you like, and how to achieve orgasm. Not only can you better inform your partner what he should do, but it is also helpful to enhance your own sexual confidence.

7. Afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone

Many people are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone, and that's normal. It’s fun to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You can learn more about yourself and maybe discover new hobbies. It’s always good to try more, try things that make you feel comfortable and happy, but do so under the premise of ensuring your own health and safety.

8. Fear of disappointing your partner

Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to be the perfect lover for your partner? Or maybe you have too high and unrealistic expectations. Communicate sincerely with your partner to understand each other’s sexual goals and intentions. Think more about your own feelings and don't be obsessed with being a perfect partner. Imperfection is the norm. Recognize reality and accept your imperfections.

Final thoughts

Sex is something that makes people feel comfortable and happy, and it is also good for our health. Therefore, it is very important to overcome the fear of sex. Find out the reasons why you feel fear, try to communicate more with your partner, and work together to solve this problem. To overcome the fear of sex, you can also try to educate yourself and seek information from online information. Answers and solutions. If your sexual fear has seriously affected your sex life or relationship with your partner, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor or sex therapist.

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