How much do you know about sexual health?

by moOOtye
Are you at risk of sexually transmitted infections? Sex is wonderful, but how much do you know about sexual health? According to statistics, there are one million cases of sexually transmitted infections worldwide every day. Millions of people in the United States are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, distributed among all age groups. More and more people are paying attention to sexual health. It is urgent to popularize knowledge about sexual health.
Sexual health includes two aspects: psychological and physical.
Maintain sexual psychological health
Most erectile dysfunction patients have sexual psychological barriers. In fact, their bodies are completely normal from a biological perspective. Anxiety, fear, stress, and tension can all be factors that cause sexual psychological disorders. In addition, family education and religious culture may also be important reasons for this symptom. In short, this is a comprehensive factor. The symptoms of sexual psychological disorders include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual indifference, and abnormal sexual behaviors such as fetishism, exhibitionism, and sexual abuse. Effective communication is essential to treat these symptoms. The patient's cause and medical history must be understood. Communication with the patient's partner can play an important role in treatment. Once the problem is identified, diagnosis and treatment can be performed according to the psychologist's diagnosis. Sexual distortion is a dangerous tendency, and a large proportion of sexual offenders are sexually distorted people. Usually, these people have some problems in their growth environment and education that lead them to commit crimes. Long-term suppression and pathological psychology are difficult to overcome through their own efforts, and timely intervention by a psychiatrist may be a good suggestion. For this situation, the only thing we can do is to strengthen the correct sex education of adolescents and avoid cultivating their distorted sexual psychology.
Five serious diseases that affect sexual health
It is understood that there are about 50 million HPV patients worldwide. HPV can cause itching and bleeding, and more terrifyingly, it can cause various cancers such as cervical cancer.
Herpes is one of the most contagious diseases. The main types transmitted through sexual contact are herpes simplex virus type I and II. Its symptoms are clustered small blisters with itching and pain, and some patients may have fever.
Syphilis is a chronic, systemic sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema pallidum infection. It is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, mother-to-child transmission, and close contact. It is highly harmful and can affect all tissues and organs of the human body after lesions, and can also cause premature delivery, miscarriage, and stillbirth.
Gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae multiplying in warm and moist areas such as the urethra, vagina, anus, and reproductive tract, causing burning and pain. Without medical intervention, it can lead to infertility and death.
HIV is a systemic disease caused by infection with the HIV virus, which weakens the body's entire immune system, leading to immunodeficiency. Untreated patients quickly die from various complications and severe infections. Currently, there is no cure, only prevention.
How to maintain sexual health:
Practice safe sex
Safe sex is the most basic requirement for maintaining sexual health. Never have sex with drug users or people with a history of drug use. You don't know what they may have done after using drugs. Limit the number of sexual partners and refuse group sex. This is a responsible attitude towards your own physical health. Once one of them carries a sexually transmitted virus, you're in trouble.
Use condoms correctly
Condoms not only prevent pregnancy but also prevent virus infections. When you have to have sex with a stranger, always insist on using a condom. It may save your life.
Get vaccinated against HPV
HPV is a serious threat to our health. However, this disease is highly preventable, and vaccination can greatly reduce the risk of infection.
Practice good sexual hygiene
Wash your genitals with mild soap and water before and after sex. Women should not use water to rinse their vagina as this can cause infection. The vagina has its own cleaning function.
Use and clean sex toys correctly
Sex toy users must use sex toys properly to avoid injury and infection. Do not share sex toys with others, and make sure to clean and disinfect them after use, otherwise, bacteria will breed, which can cause infection the next time you use them.
Exercise regularly
Exercise is the best way to maintain health. Regular exercise helps cardiovascular health, improves immune function, and, with multiple factors working together, can improve libido.
Quit bad habits
Smoking, drinking, and staying up late are common bad habits. Smoking and drinking can affect blood vessels and male erectile function, and can also reduce immune function and make the body feel tired.
Increase nutrient intake
Research has shown that vitamin B can improve sexual health and help prevent sexual dysfunction in men. In particular, vitamin B1 can improve the ability of the nervous system to transmit erection signals to the penis, which can improve erectile dysfunction. At the same time, moderate increases in other nutrients can maintain good bodily function.
Most sexual diseases can be cured, and if you are unfortunate enough to be infected, there is no need to panic. Active medical treatment and a positive attitude are more conducive to recovery. However, the most important thing for maintaining sexual health is prevention. Sexual diseases are highly preventable. Regular STI screening can help detect and treat diseases early. I hope everyone can maintain sexual health and enjoy a happy sex life.

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