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In ancient Sanskrit texts from 3,500 years ago, it is written that kissing is a way for two people to suck the soul out of each other.

And in modern society, people also like to use kissing to express love and intimacy.

So, do you know why people kiss? And what are the benefits of kissing? How to kiss to be the most comfortable?

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Is kissing an innate skill or an acquired one?

Many people assume that romantic kissing is an all-human act, but that is not the case.

In a new study of kissing preferences, scientists examined 168 human cultures around the world and found that:

Only 46% of human cultures view kissing as an act of romantic intimacy. (Kissing here is between lovers and does not include the act of kissing by a parent to a child.)

Even among many tribes, people regard kissing as a disgusting act, such as the Mehinaku tribe in Brazil, who describe it as "crude and disgusting.

Moreover, kissing behavior is rarely observed in the animal kingdom, except in humans.

They may gently rub and touch each other's cheeks, but even if they touch their lips, they will not exchange saliva with each other, or pucker up for a hard lip kiss.

So many researchers believe that kissing is not an innate instinct, but a modern invention.


Why do people kiss?

For modern people, kissing is a romantic act that implies passion and desire.

But scientists have found that the reason people kiss is actually to exchange pheromones.

For other animals, the way they exchange their pheromones is much simpler and more direct than in humans, for example, they spread their pheromones through irritating body odor or urine.

And there are few ways for humans to spread their pheromones, even as we have become accustomed to eliminating them from our bodies by bathing, using various cleaning products, and spraying perfume.

So for humans to get each other's pheromones requires closer contact, so kissing becomes a special way to get pheromones instead of smelling.

In the most important and fundamental classics of Brahmanism and modern Hinduism, there are descriptions such as "lovers sniffing each other with their mouths", suggesting the importance of the sense of smell in the kissing process.

In a survey of hundreds of people's kissing preferences, it was found that "the feeling brought by the smell of the other person's body when kissing" was the most important factor people evaluated when kissing.

So it can be said that kissing is just a way of showing love in the human cultural sense, but its purpose is to get close enough to each other to detect and receive each other's pheromones with the mouth.

What are the benefits of kissing?

Helping you find the right partner:

Kissing is a great way to "smell" each other's genes, and when you like the smell of each other, it means that you are genetically more different from each other and more likely to have healthy offspring.

Increase sexual desire

Studies have found that when men and women kiss, the pheromones exchanged with each other can stimulate sexual arousal and are often used as a prelude to people engaging in sexual acts.

For example, in ancient Chinese literature it is written that "when making love to a woman, first let her lie flat with her feet bent, the man in the legs, kissing her lips and sucking her tongue".

Boosting immunity

A recent Dutch study found that kissing for more than 10 seconds, the "exchange of bacteria" between the two people reached about 80 million, the exchange of flora between the two people can activate the body's immune system and improve immunity.

Anxiety relief

Kissing releases the "love hormone" oxytocin, which keeps people calm and relaxed, thus bringing them closer together and giving them a sense of satisfaction. At the same time, studies have also shown that kissing can reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Kissing practical guide

Prep work

When kissing, a soft and moist lips can be the most desirable. So you can carefully do a lip treatment before kissing to avoid dry and cracked lips with dead skin.

In addition, the smell of the body and mouth during kissing is the key to determining whether the kiss is good or bad. So before kissing, it is best to avoid foods with strong odor such as garlic and onion.

Advanced Guide

There are many ways to kiss, such as light kisses, tongue kisses, bite kisses, in kissing only step by step, from shallow to deep to let each other feel the most entwined love and desire.

light kiss

We can start with the gentlest, lightest of light kisses. You can touch each other's forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and cheeks with your lips like a dragonfly, then slowly meander around and finally kiss each other on the lips.

When your partner turns her head slightly sideways (to avoid bumping her nose), starts to slowly close her eyes, and her body starts to move closer to yours, it proves that she is willing to go further, and it is time to slowly transition from light kissing to tongue kissing.

Peal tongue kiss

One step that cannot be skipped before a formal tongue kiss is to gently hold the other person's upper/lower lip with your lips. When the other person's red lips are slightly opened, then slightly extend your tongue to touch the tip of the other person's tongue.

Tongue kissing is like an ambiguous period of trial and error, is about you and me, not reckless impulsiveness, will be too much strength to bring in too much saliva, so that each other feel physiological discomfort.

Bite Kiss

Bite kissing is the higher level of kissing, refers to the kissing time with teeth gently bite each other's lips or tongue. This sweet and a little sadistic kiss will often become a direct detonation of each other's "lust bomb", so that each other can not be self.

However, when biting the kiss must pay attention to the strength, grasp the scale of the partners can first find the feeling with their own lips beforehand, so that when the actual battle will not be too hard to bite each other pain or injury.

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