How to Maintain Sexual Intimacy in a Relationship?

How to Maintain Sexual Intimacy in a Relationship?

Feeling bored and burned out in a long-term relationship and want to rekindle the spark in your relationship? Want the intimacy of the honeymoon phase and rediscover your sexual intimacy with each other? Next, I’ll explain, what is sexual intimacy, why is it important, and how do we cultivate it?

What is sexual intimacy?

So what is sexual intimacy? When people think of intimacy, they think of sex, but sex is only part of intimacy, not all of it. Partners can increase sexual intimacy in many ways, such as asking their partners about their preferences, understanding each other's wishes and preferences, opening up about sharing each other's sexual fantasies and favorite types of porn, etc.

Why is sexual intimacy important?

Sexual intimacy affects the sexual relationship between us and our partners. Sexual alienation will greatly affect each other's feelings and weaken each other's intimacy and trust. Reduced sexual intimacy can also make a relationship dull and distant.

How to cultivate sexual intimacy?

1.Learn each other’s love language

Everyone expresses love in a different language. There are five official love languages, namely gifts, words of affirmation, precious time, physical touch and acts of service. Then it is important to understand and recognize each other's love language. You can communicate with your partner to understand what behaviors will make your partner feel loved. Tell your partner "I love you," praise your partner for something they did, or surprise your partner with a meaningful gift. Understanding each other's love language can make two people's relationship and emotions go further, and they can feel more loved in the relationship.

2. Exercise together

When partners exercise together, they can not only make their bodies healthier but also develop good habits. Hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin produced during exercise can also release happiness and make each other feel happier. At the same time, exercise can not only bring a good and healthy body, a better-looking figure, but also make you stronger physically. Of course, this can also make sex more intense and lasting. Therefore, exercising together as a partner is something worth trying.

3. Try new things

Try new things to add new excitement and interest to your life. You can plan a new date, try a new restaurant, prepare a surprise gift for each other, and rekindle the original spark and feeling of attraction. You can also try new activities in sex, such as BDSM, role play, sex toys, spanking, and exploring each other's sexual fantasies, or new sex scenes and new sex positions.

4. Prioritize physical contact

Cultivate sexual intimacy with each other in daily physical contact. For example, hugging, holding hands, kissing and touching, etc., these behaviors will release some oxytocin, which can enhance mutual affection and intimacy.

5. Share each other’s sexual fantasies

Share each other's sexual fantasies. After hearing this, you may be shy about revealing your sexual fantasies to your partner, but this is normal. There are many benefits to expressing your sexual fantasies to your partner. Expressing your sexual fantasies to each other can make it more comfortable. Understanding each other's preferences allows you to explore each other's sexual fantasies during sex, ignite each other's sexual desires and enhance each other's sexual intimacy. It can bring the relationship between each other closer.

6. Vacation travel

Planning a holiday trip can temporarily leave the current stress and worries in life and work behind. While enjoying new scenery and breathing fresh air, you can relieve stress and relax your body and mind. You can plan some activities, such as camping, mountain climbing, picnics and other activities that are closer to nature, so that you can focus more on relaxing your body and mind. At the same time, these activities can not only bring a sense of intimacy and trust to each other, but also create beautiful memories for each other.

7. Express love and gratitude

Learning to express love and gratitude in life is an important thing. In daily life, learn to observe and give creative compliments to your partner, such as today’s dress looks good on you, today’s makeup suits you well, etc. To express praise and affirmation to your partner, you can start with some small things. Express gratitude to your partner.

8. Cultivate common interests

Developing a common interest can give you a good topic and schedule time to practice together. But this hobby should be an interest that both parties are interested in, such as dancing, musical instruments, cooking classes, and certain sports. Choose an interest that you like and spend time cultivating it to become your common topics, interests, and memories. .

9. Give each other some little surprises

In daily life, give each other a little romance, a little surprise or a small gift. For example, grind a cup of coffee for your partner in the morning and make breakfast. Express your love by giving your partner a hug and a kiss often.

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