How to use sex toy

How to use sex toy

Ootyemo is dedicated to helping every woman release her desire for love. They will satisfy your curiosity, imagination, desires, and fantasies. So how do we use our rose vibrator toy?

Quality first

When purchasing rose toys, you must have a profound understanding and awareness of the product's material; otherwise, it will easily cause accidents due to quality and will also cause physical harm to you and your partner. For example, massage sticks with poor material are prone to breakage or falling off. Therefore, when purchasing, you must consider many aspects! There are many useful sex toys on ooty, you are welcome to pick them up.

User's manual

When opening the rose vibrator product, you just bought, read the instruction manual carefully to understand the usage and precautions. Especially for sex toys that enter the body, you must know whether the product is waterproof, manual, electric, or other uses, and how to use it to help users have a better experience.

Use when you are in good physical condition

When using rose toys, you should choose to use them in good physical condition. When the physical condition is not good, such as illness, cold, staying up late, local pain, or bad mood. It is recommended not to use it, do not force yourself, and conform to your body's feelings.

Use auxiliary supplies such as lubricating oil

Using sex toys for too long will cause excessive friction to the organs, resulting in various swelling, inflammation, and even serious harm to our health. Using lubricating oil can effectively reduce friction to have fun for a long time without worrying about harming your health.

Pay attention to cleaning

Since sex toys come into direct contact with our sexual organs, extra care needs to be taken regarding hygiene. Other rose toys should be cleaned before and after each use, except for disposable rose toys.

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