Why promote "sex"

Why promote "sex"

Green cars, green tourism, and green weddings have become common in our lives. Greenpeace Canada put forward the concept of "green sex" to encourage people to use environmentally friendly adult products.

After the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", Greenpeace proposed a strategy of "working for a better planet", which states that "even if you don't destroy the planet with a nuclear bomb, you can still be a bomb on the bed".

To this end, there is also an article reporting, instructing people on how to "make sex greener." Many sex toys today also do not contain phthalates, which are considered harmful to humans and the environment. Across North America, environmentalists have embraced bamboo sheets, organic lubricants, and women's "green underwear."

Jacob Gordon, the author of the TreeHugger article, said: "Green living has become sexier and sexier. A year ago, people would not even accept such a thing. However, as our culture has become more aware of the importance of green living, people are starting to be willing to try these things, just like any other serious problem."

Sex toys can not only add fun and improve the quality of sex but also bring positive effects to sexual health.

Ella Ding wrote, "As women, without being overly educated about our sexual experiences, when I had my first orgasm from self-love, I realized how much I was missing."

"It changed my life and my confidence forever... being single for so long has pushed me to understand loving myself alone. And it's been fun!"

Ella has "no shame" about self-love, which she encourages other women to embrace as she and other reality TV stars begin to talk more candidly about sex.

Whether it is sexual literature, sex toys, or adult products, they are all items that strengthen your sexual contact and are used to add changes to your sexual behavior. So from now on, make a bold attempt to make adult products, so that sex is no longer monotonous! Add more excitement to women's lives!

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