The right way for women to masturbate

The right way for women to masturbate

Many women have problems with bedroom sex, and changing the way they finger is an important part of the solution. So how do you awaken, nurture, and expand your body's pleasure and orgasm potential? You can masturbate infrequently or quickly or follow the same routine all the time. In this case, you will quickly adjust your body to have an unpleasant and unsatisfactory sexual experience with your partner. This is where most people masturbate. But you can also touch yourself in a way that includes teasing, which expands your head-to-toe pleasure and leaves you deeply nourished, well-being, and joyful. What kind of masturbation will help you train and tone your body for a better bedroom experience with your lover? If you need help with sex toys, feel free to check out the ooty website!

Many women complain that they don't feel a lot of pleasure when they touch themselves. They rub and stroke their skin, but this creates a fairly neutral or non-irritating feeling. This is because you are not feeling your body as deeply as possible. So in order to awaken your tension, body and other pleasurable nerve endings, you'll start masturbating with some full-body movements. Put on some energetic music and start dancing, jumping, shaking, stretching, etc. The more vigorous the action, the better the effect.

The idea is to give your nervous system an internal massage, which makes your body feel tingling electrical energy. It's a bit like how you feel after a strenuous workout: full of energy. After at least three minutes of vigorous exercise, sit down, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. It's time to pay attention to your body and really notice all these vibrations, all the energy and vitality in your body.

Spend at least three more minutes here, just breathing, relaxing and feeling. By doing this, you're basically teaching your body to feel deeper and stronger, and you're training your nervous system, the art of sending stronger signals between your nerve endings and your pleasure centers, which is important for your experience The ability to have deep ecstatic sexual pleasure is very important. Next, allow yourself to sit comfortably, lie down, whichever position works best for you. And start a full body self-massage. Include every part of your body: your feet, toes, calves, arms, neck, face, scalp...but for now avoid your main erogenous zones: your breasts and your genitals. Caress and massage the skin. At this stage you are not looking for arousal, only for happiness. However, if the awakening happens, start enjoying it!

Spend a few more minutes here and enjoy all the deliciousness your body can feel. Now is the time to include your breasts. In the tantric tradition, a woman's breast is said to be the gateway to full erotic and orgasmic power. However, many women neglect their breasts and nipples during their solitary sexual experience. Start with slow, gentle circles around your breasts, working in one direction, then the other. Use a soft touch on them, hold and vibrate them with both hands. Touch and caress them with your fingertips and nails, in different directions. Don't forget your tits! Massage them, roll their fingers between your body, or even squeeze them lightly and see how it feels. Now you can touch your genitals. Take your time, make fun of yourself, and start stroking yourself slowly and gently. Keep breathing deeply and slowly, pumping all the happy energy out of your entire system. Use your three fingers to separate your labia and stroke them up and down. Cover the entire genital area and vibrate and massage it lovingly. Explore the vaginal opening with different types of touch: light, tight, fast, slow, gentle, deep, etc. Never forget the clitoris! Finally, integration. After all the stimulation, movement, intensity, build-up and feeling of abundance, it's time to let all the delicious charges in your body settle. Simply lie on your back, close your eyes, fully relax your body and breathe. just breathe...

This is when your body can function, and this is when your nervous system is rewiring. Program yourself in this deeper feeling, this stronger level of happiness and arousal. This is what yogis call Savasana. Quiet time to absorb and realign energy. Give yourself at least a minute before you move on to any other activities. I really hope you want to try this process! This is a very important and powerful experience that will help you grow and expand your sexual potential.

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