12 Ways to Make Your Masturbation Sexier

12 Ways to Make Your Masturbation Sexier

In order to better celebrate the upcoming Masturbation Month in May, let us embrace our desires and better embark on a journey of exploring self-pleasure. The benefits of masturbation are clear, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Our society often cares about men’s desires and ignores women’s sexual pleasure. But you won't lose anything by masturbating. It's very safe and healthy, and you don't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases or the risk of pregnancy.

No matter your gender or sexual orientation, you can freely explore your desires without feeling shame or guilt. There are also obvious benefits that come with masturbating, so without further ado.

Why masturbate?

Masturbation can bring us many benefits, both physical and psychological. Endorphins, oxytocin, and other hormones released during masturbation can improve your mood, make you feel happy and joyful, and relieve stress, anxiety, and even pain. Orgasm can also improve people's sleep, fall asleep better and improve sleep quality. Masturbation can also increase your libido, learn about your body what makes you feel better, and increase your sexual confidence. And masturbation can also reduce the risk of some diseases.

Ways to make masturbation sexier

1. Eliminate distractions

Block out anything that distracts you, such as muting your phone and turning off your computer. Before you start masturbating, take deep breaths and practice breathing and meditation exercises to help you focus more on feeling yourself.

2.Create a romantic atmosphere

Having a clean and romantic environment can enhance your libido and put you in a better mood. You can try using things you like, such as playing sexy music to satisfy your taste buds, adding ambient lighting, scented candles, and do things that make you feel happy. Bring new experiences and feelings to your senses.

3. Know your genitals

Masturbation is a great way to understand how you feel, what makes you feel happy, and a great way to explore yourself. Even if you are an experienced person, you can better understand each part of your body and bring yourself a better feeling of pleasure. For example, understand or study the anatomy of the genitals, and understand which part of the body can feel pleasure when stimulated.

4. Expand the use scope of lubricating oil

Don't limit lube to penetrative sex, think wider. Lubricant can also be applied to your hands for masturbation or applied to sex toys, and it is also a good idea to apply it to your body for an erotic massage.

5. Give yourself a full body massage

Explore your body and erogenous areas, touch yourself and feel what makes you happy. Understand your sensitive areas and apply lubricant to help you feel better, enhance pleasure and reduce friction. Although the vagina is naturally lubricated, applying lubricant can provide a better feeling. If you use sex toys, it is more recommended to use water-based lubricants, which will not react with silicone or latex condoms and are friendly to sensitive skin.

6. Consider foreplay

Not only penetrative sex requires foreplay, considering foreplay when masturbating can create a better atmosphere, allow the body to enter the state faster, and increase the sense of immersion.

7. Add sex toys

Adding sex toys to masturbation can greatly enhance pleasure. You can also find out what kind of stimulation you like. There is more intense stimulation for faster sexual arousal and orgasm. And sex toys are a great experience whether used alone or with a partner. If you don’t know where to start, my suggestion is to start with a clitoral vibrator. If you like dual internal and external stimulation, then a rabbit vibrator would be a great choice.

8. Try edging

Do you know about edging? Edging is a method of stopping just before orgasm, and then stopping again just before you orgasm, repeating several times to achieve a more violent orgasm. You may not be able to control it well when you first try edging, but don’t be discouraged. You can exercise your pelvic floor muscles to make yourself stronger and better able to control the feeling you want.

9. Watch pornography

Watching pornographic works is a good way to understand your preferences and explore your sexual fantasies. It can also be used as foreplay to increase sexual tension and excitement, making you aroused faster.

10. Masturbation in the shower

Masturbating in the shower not only creates a great atmosphere but is also very easy to clean. You can also mask the sound for more focused enjoyment. Even if you live with family or friends, you can still enjoy yourself.

11. Temperature game

The feeling of warmth or coolness can give the body a new and exciting feeling. Especially in the coming summer, ice cube games will be more popular. You can also try placing sex toys in hot or ice water, which can bring a different sense of stimulation, especially for sex toys made of glass and stainless steel.

12.Try new things

Trying new things can add freshness to your sex life. For example, you can try using a new masturbation position to start. Many people may be familiar with or used to masturbating while lying down. Try changing to a new position, or twisting your hips. Don't underestimate how small changes can enhance pleasure, stimulate new positions, and bring about different feelings.

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