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15 Anal Sex Positions To Try

The perception of anal sex is evolving, and that's fantastic news, especially because women can derive as much pleasure from it as men. Gigi Engle, a sex coach and sexologist, emphasizes that many women thoroughly enjoy anal play. It offers a unique sense of fullness and can be incredibly intimate, particularly if it's your first time. Some women even experience full-blown anal orgasms. With the right positions and some essential guidance, you could be one of them. Sex toys can also help you explore anal pleasure, so feel free to buy the latest anal toys on the ooty website.

However, if you're new to this experience, here are some crucial considerations:

1. Go Slow and Start Small

Sex and relationship coach Joanna Encarnacion advises taking your time and beginning with fingers, gradually progressing from smaller to larger items. Start with the outer rim of the anus before moving to penetration with a penis, strap-on, or dildo. Remember that lubrication is your best friend; never proceed without it. Also, avoid switching from anal to vaginal penetration to prevent bacterial transfer.

2. Stay Connected with Your Body

During penetration, always check in with yourself. There's no shame in pausing, reevaluating, or even stopping if you're not comfortable, says Encarnacion.

Now that you're informed, let's explore the 15 best anal sex positions when you're ready:

Lap Dance

This beginner-friendly position allows for controlled penetration, with additional room for hand play and stimulation.

Lying Doggy

Ideal for shallow penetration, it stimulates the most sensitive anal nerves within the first two inches.

Backdoor Missionary

This position adds intimacy and eye contact to the experience, while nipple stimulation enhances sensory pleasure.

Backdoor Missionary

The Caboose

A delightful position for sweet intimacy, with deep penetration and ample kissing opportunities.

Back It Up

Great for shallow penetration, and you can adjust depth and direction using a sex wedge or pillow.


A comfortable, skin-on-skin position that you can spice up with added teasing and clitoral stimulation.

Leaning Cowgirl

Offers control to the person on top and the possibility for clitoral stimulation or fingering.

Backsided Lotus

Combines intimacy, eye contact, and deep penetration, with an option for making out.

Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, you control the depth and thrusting pattern, and you can add extra stimulation.

Reverse Cowgirl


A deeply intimate position with intertwined legs and the opportunity for passionate kissing.

Tilted Doggy

A classic position that allows for deep penetration and potential A-spot stimulation for quicker orgasms.

Tilted Doggy

Standing Doggy

Offers a taste of BDSM with wrist restraint and deep penetration. Get handsy for added excitement.

Full Throttle

Ideal for those who enjoy deep penetration, providing fullness and easy access for clitoral stimulation.

The Snake

Great for experienced anal sex enthusiasts, offering deeper penetration and room for additional play.

Pile Driver

An advanced position that requires flexibility, this offers deep penetration with intense sensations and intimate access to the clitoris.

Remember that the key to a satisfying anal sex experience is consent, communication, and comfort. Anal sex should be a pleasurable and safe activity for all involved.

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