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8 Foreplay Ideas to Try this Weekend

While I respect everyone's preferences, I firmly believe that when used creatively, foreplay can be the pinnacle of sexual intimacy. It's this anticipation that sets the stage for the main event. Unlike intercourse, foreplay isn't rushed; you can completely customize it to your desires and explore things outside of traditional boundaries. If you're aiming to inject some excitement into your bedroom activities this year , starting with beefing up your foreplay game is a great place to start.

To get you started exploring the world of foreplay, we've made the process easier by providing tons of new ideas you can easily try this weekend. Anything you can’t get around to doing, just add it to your sex bucket list for future adventures!

1. Take the time to Watch the other Person Undress

In the intimacy of daily life, it's easy to slip into autopilot mode and lose sight of the beauty in every moment, especially in long-term relationships. Instead, consciously observe as you both undress. Resist the urge to touch and focus on admiring each other's charms, igniting excitement only through the visual stimulation of their presence.

2. Talk Dirty

Don't make direct physical contact, but express your desires to the other person verbally. Embrace clarity and leave no detail behind. To enhance your sex appeal, don't limit it to the bedroom; have naughty conversations while lounging on the couch. Keeping the mood fun and flirty will add an extra layer of excitement to your interactions.

3. Use Music to Regulate Emotions

If you haven't done so already, consider turning up the volume during intimacy. Whether it's R&B, country, a slow melody, or even a show tune (let's face it, Brittany singing about Britney in Glee is undeniably sexy), choose something that ignites passion in both of you. repertoire. Let the music guide the rhythm of your movements and turn your movements into a sensual dance. Sing and rock together even in the kitchen - all while enjoying each other's company. Collaborating on a playlist of your favorite seductive songs can become a form of foreplay in itself, building anticipation and setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

4. Experiment with Ice

As a sexual enhancer, ice offers a significant return on investment—it's free and beneficial to both parties. Incorporating temperature play into your relationship can bring a whole new dimension of feeling. Try putting ice in your mouth during kissing or oral sex, moving it along your partner's body, or gently teasing your nipples with ice. If ice is too strong for you and you're willing to accept a little chaos, drizzling ice cream on your partner (or your body!) is just as tempting (and delicious!). However, be careful when using any food near the genital area to prevent potential infection.

5. Revisit places that are Important to Your Relationship

Whether it was the location of your first date, your engagement, or the place where you first uttered those three little words, returning to these special places can bring you back, mentally and emotionally, to the beginning of your journey together. Early stages. It's a powerful reminder of how much you've grown as a couple, and if that doesn't spark a little excitement, what will?

6.Make a Sexual wish List Together

For this daring duo, working together to outline all the experiences they want to explore this year is an exciting form of foreplay. Items on your list range from wild to tame; suggestions include having a threesome, promoting open discussions about sex, experimenting with sex toys, and striving for multiple orgasms. Keep this list somewhere easy to access (perhaps on your nightstand) and aim to check off a new activity each week. With so many tempting options, you won’t know where to start!

7. Send Enticing Text Messages

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While cell phones can sometimes distract us from our undivided attention during intimate moments, they can also be an effective tool for stimulating sexual desire. Text your partner with details about what you want to do to them when they get home—don't hold back the specifics, just like dirty talk practice. You can send this message in the morning to build anticipation, or before they arrive. They'll be home soon! Or you can simply let them know you want to be intimate (simple yet effective!), reminisce about your favorite sexual encounter, or express excitement about trying something new. If both parties are over 18 and feel comfortable, sending photos in your favorite lingerie can add an extra layer of excitement (but only if you trust them completely!).

8. Take a Shower Together

Why not join your partner while they take a shower? Keep in mind that shower sex doesn’t have to be the main goal here. Just enjoying each other's company in the water and the anticipation of what's to come after the shower is exciting in itself. However, if you're up for the challenge, trying shower sex is sure to add an extra kick—just remember to prioritize safety and take precautions to avoid injury.

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