A sexual wish list to try with your partner

A sexual wish list to try with your partner

Are you bored with routine in a long-term relationship? Want to add new excitement and adventure to your sex life? Why not take a look at this sexual wish list to add new ideas and ideas to your sex life.

1. Understand each other’s sexual fantasies

It is important to understand each other's sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasies can arouse people's sexual desire and achieve sexual excitement and arousal through imagination or memory, such as pornographic literature, pornographic works, etc. Sexual fantasies are normal and common. They can also be seen in mainstream film and television works. We can also realize our sexual fantasies through role-playing.

2. Phone sex

If you are far away from each other, why not try phone sex and let each other feel excited and happy. It's also a great way to increase emotional and sexual intimacy.

3. Sexting

Sending sexting can not only keep us in a state of sexual excitement for a long time. Sexting at the same time is also a new kind of fun, a very simple way to make each other feel excited and happy.

4. Share your favorite porn videos

Knowing what porn each other likes can give you a better understanding of each other's preferences. Tell the other person what you like about your behavior, etc. This is to enhance mutual sexual intimacy and for better sexual experience and sexual satisfaction.

5. Role play

Try role-playing to better satisfy each other's sexual fantasies and make each other more immersed in sex.

6. Shower sex

Shower Sex, Want to have sex in the shower? Shower sex is not only refreshing, but it is also very convenient to clean up, allowing you to focus on enjoying sex without having to worry about cleaning up.

7. Ice cube game

Why not try the ice cube game? Imagine the feeling of cold ice cubes across the skin, especially in the hot summer, it can bring extraordinary feelings and stimulation to each other.

8. Candle Game

Want to try the feel of hot oil dripping on your skin? The candle game is a good choice, but if you are a novice, my suggestion is to try low-temperature soy candles, which can not only get a stimulating feeling, but also ensure the safety of each other.

9. Talk dirty

Talking dirty can not only ignite our sexual desire, but also add excitement to sex.

And it’s not just about talking dirty in bed. You can also tell your partner your crazy and exciting thoughts and what you want to do to her before you start, even in the living room, on the sofa, etc.

10. Wear sexy lingerie

Invest in a sexy lingerie to add a new spice to your sex life, making sex more intense and exciting.

11. Film pornography

Film during sex to make each other more tense and exciting. At the same time, you can leave each other's erotic looks and shared memories. It is convenient to better recall sexual experiences in the future, and can also be used as material for sexual fantasies.

12. Nipple play

Playing with each other's nipples is also a very sexy thing. We can add nipple play to the foreplay and slowly explore the way and intensity the other person likes.

13.Massage each other

When massaging each other, it's important to keep the bedroom warm so that your partner doesn't shiver from the cold and has a better massage experience. You can light scented candles during massage to relax your tense nerves and add interest to the massage. Give your partner a back, chest, foot massage or full body massage. Drop the massage oil on your partner's body, caress your partner's body, massage

your partner's muscles, and give your partner a physical and mental relaxation. Mutual massage between partners can cultivate a sense of intimacy.

14. Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation means that you and your partner start masturbating at the same time, completely exposing your masturbation behavior in front of your partner. Whether you use toys or not, this is a good way to increase your partner's intimacy and trust, and at the same time It can also improve sexual satisfaction. Mutual masturbation can bring new excitement and interest to sex life, making each other closer and more trusting. Watching your partner masturbate and caress themselves is a thrilling and exciting thing. It also satisfies some people's voyeuristic desires and enhances each other's sexual desire and imagination.

15. Try new sex positions

If you're tired of missionary, try a new sex position to add new excitement and interest to your sex life. Such as doggy style, 69, sex on a chair, etc.

16. Try sex toys

If you haven’t tried sex toys, why not take the opportunity to give them a try and reignite your passion and desire for each other. If you have sex toys, try new ones to make sex more interesting.

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