women kiss a men

and she "make out" after she does this is really love you

Women's minds you do not guess. If men are good at lying, then women are proficient in disguise. Especially when there is a desire to hide something, the woman's IQ will reach its peak, acting skills are also excellent.

The relationship, especially after a long time, men will gradually shift the focus to the career, in the details of the relationship will become sloppy. And at this time, it is the peak of the man fooled, deceived by the woman's acting skills. After a woman's change of heart or cheating, if the intention to hide, will not move, everything as usual, and even more considerate to men because of the guilt psychology, sloppy men are difficult to develop clues in the details of daily life. But there is a time when they are difficult to hide is after "making out". Unlike men, women are more affectionate because of love, so if there is a change of heart, you can tell by the actions of women after making out, because this is usually the emotions from the heart, it is very difficult to hide. In fact, want to know your side of the girl in the end is not really like you, just look at her and you "make out" after these performances will know. Read more sex related articles on ooty to understand women better.

Active kissing and touching you


Women's need for love is more intimate contact, in with the beloved, happy when you can not help but want to have intimate behavior with him, such as hugging and kissing. Usually kissing after making out is between partners is the most direct way to express love, but also very romantic things, kissing will enhance the feelings and love between partners, in the kiss will also secrete endorphins can play an analgesic effect, is the best healing medicine for love, but also to express love.

After the kissing "make out" women's hormones have not completely fallen, and the most beautiful parts have not faded, at this moment she will continue to pester you, kiss you, with her way of expressing love to express love for you. That proves that she does really like you. If she is not so active, boys can test her attitude towards this matter, if she is not repulsive that she may be shy, if she is very repulsive then she must not like you.

Lying in your arms and clinging to you

Lying in your arms

Make out as if the task, after making out hurriedly get up and you separate, it is clear that the act of making out as a kind of emotional sharing, just coping with the matter. In the relationship this is a very dangerous behavior, because the intimacy itself is not simply to meet the desire, and through this behavior to each other to confide in and convey love, enjoy each other's love. Women value love beyond the act of making out itself, so they will care more about the warmth after making out, if they no longer care, but immediately after the end of the separation, which in itself is very indicative of the problem. The woman after making out with you, the spirit reached the most extreme catharsis, this time the woman will lie shyly in your arms, continue to feel the body heat brought by your body, such a way to bring her a sense of security.

When a woman does not love you, she will not want to stay with you, let alone lying in your arms. Only when a woman loves you deeply, she will cling to you all the time, hoping that time can stay at this moment. You can't wake up people pretending to sleep, you can't force a woman to fall in love with you, so be willing to "make out" after continuing to lie in your arms to listen to you talk, even if it's blowing a cow will think you're cute. When a woman "make out" after still lying in your arms, please do not get bored, but to cherish the little woman in front of you, because she really wants you.

Take an erotic bath together

Together in a lovebirds bath

The other day and girlfriends to talk together, talking about the relationship between the sexes, she told me frankly, she has a fondness for "making out" after showering together this thing, she feels that together in the shower they do not cover up, no so-called separation, only the open love. After the body and spirit to get catharsis, two people are exhausted, this time to take a bath is undoubtedly cool, and it so happens that women are willing to take a bath with you can only show that this is naked love. For a woman to expose her body to outsiders is ruined in the innocence, and innocence for a woman is extremely important and not all women are willing to take a bath together, so women are not easy to others naked body, unless it is extremely loved people. Only in the side of the person they love very much will completely bare themselves. When a woman is willing to take a bath with you and give herself completely to you, you can touch her body heat, you can see the lines of her skin, you can see her hidden birthmark, it means she misses you and she is at ease with you, you are a person you can rely on. In the old society, a woman's body can only be exposed to her husband to see, even in today's more open times, a woman's body will still only be exposed to her closest people, so when a woman gives her body to you, is really want the man in front of you.


Many of the actions of women in today's society can easily be misled as well as labeled, and is also a group that will be extremely controversial. Many times unintentional actions will be exaggerated and will be pushed to the forefront of controversy, so women in the outside world tend to be especially packaged themselves as a means of protecting themselves. Outside the woman may not be so real, but the behavior shown in front of their close people is the real themselves, only to express their true feelings. Women are emotional animals, many of the actions of women are based on the basis of feelings before they go to action, she will not easily entrust themselves to a man, but if the "make out" after still lying in your arms, the initiative of kissing also accompany you in the shower, then it means she really wants you.

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