Are my sexual fantasies normal?

Are my sexual fantasies normal?

Sexual fantasies are ubiquitous and are often encountered in our daily lives. So what exactly are normal sexual fantasies? Why are sexual fantasies so attractive?

What is a sexual fantasy?

So what exactly is a sexual fantasy? Sexual fantasies can arouse people's sexual desire and achieve sexual excitement through imagination or memory.

and sexual arousal, such as erotica, erotica, etc. Sexual fantasies are normal and common. They can also be seen in mainstream film and television works. We can also realize our sexual fantasies through role-playing.

Why do sexual fantasies attract people?

So why are sexual fantasies so attractive? Sexual fantasies can give full play to your imagination and quickly gain sexual excitement and tension. Sexual fantasies can realize things that cannot be realized in daily life. Sometimes they can also bring about some taboo excitement. At the same time, sexual fantasies can bring more excitement. Good sex experience and sexual satisfaction.

What are normal sexual fantasies?

There is no such thing as a normal sexual fantasy, and the judgment of whether a sexual fantasy is normal or not depends on the individual. Therefore, there is no need to worry and worry about whether your sexual fantasies are normal. Sexual fantasies are an important part of your sexual life.

What are common sexual fantasies?

There are many kinds of sexual fantasies, but we can roughly divide them into two categories, typical and atypical.

Typical sexual fantasies are usually common, or considered "normal" sexual fantasies.

Typical sexual fantasies:

  • oral sex
  • anal sex
  • BDSM bondage, dominance, submission
  • watch pornography

In one study, nearly a third of people said that an open relationship was their favorite sexual fantasy.

Atypical sexual fantasies are usually sexual fantasies that are considered "abnormal". Here are some common atypical sexual fantasies.

  • Exhibitionism
  • cuckold fetish
  • voyeurism
  • fetish
  • paraphilia
  • masochist or sadist

How to start experimenting with sexual fantasies?

1. Self-education

If you are going to engage in a sexual fantasy, it is essential to understand its content, boundaries, and caveats. Especially in an age where information is so readily available, and there are many blogs, forums, or videos about exploring sexual fantasies to help newbies get started.

You can also cultivate sexual fantasies together. You can watch porn together and share each other's sexual fantasies. You may feel ashamed at first, but by sharing each other's sexual fantasies, you can better understand each other's preferences and future practical directions. . You can also discuss the types of porn you like, what kind of actions, scenes or role plays you like, etc.

2. Open communication

If you want to try out sexual fantasies with your partner, remember to make an appointment at a suitable place and time. Talk openly with your partner about this matter. If your partner is interested in it, that's great. But if your partner is not interested or is afraid, please don't force it and respect the other person's wishes. After all, sexual fantasies are not suitable for everyone, and you should not be pressured by your partner or others. Sometimes it is good to return to simple and beautiful sex.

3. Understand each other’s boundaries and preferences

It is important to understand each other's preferences and boundaries during open discussions. Don't try more extreme or dangerous behaviors when you first start exploring your sexual fantasies. Take your time and start with what is most acceptable. Start step by step, and in the process get to know your partner and their preferences for certain behaviors.

4. Safe word

It is very important to choose a suitable safe word. Safe words can ensure that you will not be harmed or the situation will worsen during sex. So what is a suitable safe word? The necessary condition for a safe word is to be able to disrupt the current atmosphere, such as red, yellow, green, etc. As a partner, you should observe your partner's reaction in a timely manner during the process and ask your partner how they feel. If your partner shouts the safe word, stop immediately and try to calm them down.

5. Aftercare

Aftercare is also very important when exploring sexual fantasies. The quality of aftercare will greatly affect the partner's experience of the sexual process. It is normal to feel vulnerable after sex, so we should provide physical and mental care to our partners afterwards. For example, you can try to hug each other after sex to comfort each other, give each other an essential oil massage, and Go take a bath together, etc. Of course, it’s also important to clean your body, sex toys, and bedding.

Final thoughts

Sexual fantasies can bring new excitement and interest to our sexual life, quickly stimulate sexual desire, obtain sexual arousal, and bring better sexual experience and sexual satisfaction. If you are just starting to experiment with sexual fantasies, my advice is to start small and not engage in more risky behaviors at the beginning. Of course, early communication, understanding each other's boundaries and preferences, and aftercare are also important.

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