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Car sex 2.0 | Sex Tips

The appeal of car sex is nothing but the confined space, the hidden insecurity and the overflowing lust, very sexy and the preferred location for many people seeking excitement. Of course, it is a little dangerous, after all, if too forgetful may be tainted with a little legal problems, and may accidentally become the headlines of the news agency.
 Although many movies and dramas have car sex scenes, but in real life to be like in the movies may not be very easy, and even at first try the failure rate is also very high. The following sex experts offer a few car sex suggestions so that you have to wash your car the first time you complete a car sex achievement! If you want to learn more about sex locations, feel free to check out the other guides on ooty.

car sex
Tip 1: Prepare beforehand

Blankets, pillows: warm blankets and comfortable pillows can be padded under the body in addition to also make the place to lie more soft. Bath towel: If it is summer then you can replace the blanket with a bath towel, sweating, juice overflowing have relief, after all, the cost of cleaning and maintaining the car is not low. Safety measures: Yes, the sex location from the bed to the car, the same or safety first, please prepare a condom, lubricant.

Tip 2: make good use of the car equipment

Do not underestimate the seat belt and the usual rarely adjusted seat, the seat belt can achieve a gently bound micro-abuse feeling, the seat back adjusted to the right angle can be used as a stable support, forward to the top more powerful. Also don't forget the media player, have some vaporizer music!

Tip 3: more erotic in clothes

The space is tight and the rush to undress will only happen very awkward and embarrassing results, such as hitting your head, elbows or no place to put your clothes. So in the car shock, just unbutton your shirt, unzip your pants and pull up your skirt. And sex with clothes on is more of a rampant erotic emotion.

Tip 4: Choose your location carefully

Dark alleys, uninhabited forests, stargazing deep in the mountains, are fine, but still not too loud or too vigorous, but also recommended not to car shock in broad daylight. Now everyone is a reporter, it is not good to be photographed.


1: Front seat female top position

The most suitable position for car shock is the female upper position, whether it is a car or a station wagon will not affect the female upper position play effect. As long as the front seat is flat, the male partner will be able to lie down, and then the female partner will be able to sit across up, the car roof is relatively low, if the female partner bent over can also let the male partner enjoy the pleasure of bimodal sucking.

2: Backseat oral sex

Oral sex in the car is also a particularly erotic and exciting thing, this position can be male and female partners in turn. The male partner faces the front seat and sits on the floor of the back seat, with his neck tilted back so that his head lies on the edge of the back seat sofa, and the female partner sits across the sofa (on the male partner's face). The female partner can use the squat squat in the back seat seat, you can also put your feet up high on the back of the front seat, hands back to hold the headrest fixed, the orgasm definitely came fast and furious.

3: Backseat lying oral sex

This is perfect for a night out in the parking lot after working late! Two people just need to go to the back seat a lie down, you can serve each other well, and also not easy to be found. The old wet locomotive plus or minus a bit of massage stick and other props, this time more useful!

4: Backseat Yab-Yum

The Yab-Yum position in the back seat is more ergonomic and intimate for both partners. The male partner sits in the back seat, the female partner straddles it and wraps her legs around his waist. Use some lubricant to let your partner slide in smoothly, and don't leave your hands idle to caress the most intimate person in front of you!

5: Rear Entry

This position is more suitable for the RV or large car models, open the rear compartment, let the female partner on all fours, let the male partner from behind. If there is enough space inside the car, you can even close the trunk door, not enough to let the male partner stand outside the car to enter is also very erotic. It is recommended to tie a towel or a shirt to the window to avoid leakage of the light.

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