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Creative Tips for Female Masturbation

When it comes to how girls masturbate, the image that immediately comes to mind may be a vibrator or a dildo, but there are actually thousands of ways for women to masturbate, most of which do not rely on the aid of erotic toys, nor do they need male help, and many are also very "creative".

 However, perhaps because we feel our own masturbation is "weird", we rarely share with each other other other more "real" ways of female masturbation besides adult films. Here are a few common real-life simulations I've compiled to try out some new tricks today:

#Sofa armrests, table edges: rubbing furniture to enjoy the pleasure

The woman leaning on the sofa

If you have ever sat across the sofa armrest cushions or bed edge rubbing the lower body, enjoy the rising pleasure, do not feel strange, because according to experts, many girls are from rubbing various furniture first learned to masturbate this thing.

As long as the furniture has angles or flat surfaces for rubbing it can be used for masturbation, "Rubbing (of any kind) is the most common technique among women. Many women who use this method think they're the only ones in the world who masturbate this way, so they're relieved when they know it's super common! Most women have been masturbating this way since they were kids and aren't exactly aware of what they're actually doing."

#Clench the pillow and feel the pleasure between jerks

The woman holding the pillow

I remember going to a friend's house once and his male dog mounted a large pillow in front of everyone and then just pumped back and forth until he ejaculated. Although I thought it was funny at the time, I later learned that this masturbation method is not exclusive to dogs, people can also follow the example of learning.

Many women report that they use their legs to clench a pillow (or anything soft like a pillow or large stuffed doll) and then stimulate their clitoris by pumping on it, although because the tool used is soft, many report that it takes more time or is more difficult to reach orgasm, but overall, the pillow is a great helper.

# Pull the quilt tight and stimulate the labia minora and clitoris back and forth

In addition to the pillow, some people will also clench the sheet between their legs and then rub it back and forth up and down. The taut quilts are long and can stimulate the labia minora and clitoris at the same time, plus the taut sheets are hard and tough enough to reach orgasm by this method is not difficult.

#Powerful water jets to stimulate deep desire

Many clitorises love the healing power of water. The powerful jet of water from the shower head, bathtub faucet or bidet in the bathroom can tantalize women's deepest desires, and taking a hot shower and having an orgasm in the process can make you feel refreshed when you walk out of the steamy bathroom.

 # rubbing the clitoris through the labia for a quick and addictive orgasm

Some women believe that direct stimulation of the clitoris makes people feel uncomfortable, so some will gently rub through the thin layer of skin outside the clitoris, but others are directly using their hands across the labia majora, rubbing back and forth with the force of their hands and hip movements to feel the pleasure rise straight up to orgasm.

These methods above, is there any which you have long been practiced for many years? If you want a fresh experience, try the masturbation techniques shared by other girls above!

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