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Have you experienced role-playing?

Many players think that role-playing is to change into erotic lingerie, in addition to clothing, the sexual process is not very different from the past.

In fact, to play role-playing, increase the freshness and interest in the process of sex, costumes are only the most superficial part, the essence of role-playing is the change of behavior. If you want more sex tips, feel free to check out ooty website!

A little more role-playing and a little more stability in intimacy.

Why role play?

role-play Maid

We play role-play not just to please each other, but to explore new ways to play and inject more freshness into intimacy while satisfying the needs of both parties. Think about how you get bored with the same positions, same places, same scenes, same costumes every time you have sex? So does the other person.

And different role-playing can just solve this big problem for us. In addition, from the point of view of evolution, everyone's bones will more or less fantasize about sex with people of different identities, this is a biological instinct.

Doing role-playing can dissipate this biological instinct to a certain extent and make our intimate relationships more sweet and interesting. So whether it's to create freshness or to solidify an intimate relationship, role-playing is well worth trying.

Role-playing should be careful, you are good to him.

So can newcomers play role-playing?

Master these items, newbies can easily master role-playing.

  • Self-exploration, find the role you feel

Many people are at a loss when they first try role-playing, and have no idea what kind of role they will be more involved and excited to play.

Here's a little trick: those wonderful moments you've seen before in pornographic movies or erotic novels that turn you on, these can be imitated and shown according to your own understanding. Perhaps the scene of innocent students and sexy teachers does not arouse your interest, but the story of the last emperor and the sexy royal concubine is more likely to arouse your desire.

Each person's desires are unique, so role-playing isn't just what we used to imagine with students and teachers, doctors and patients. While these are all great scenarios, the best one is the one that gives you the most sexual urge.

  • Understanding partners, role-playing to be more compatible

Even if you have completed your self-exploration and found the role that will stimulate your desire. But your partner can't get the point at all, and you can't play this role-playing game yourself. So before role-playing, in addition to understanding yourself, you should also understand your partner's sexual preferences.

Know the scale of sex he can accept.

role-play plicewomen

Know the type of role he wants to play, and even find out his attitude towards "sex", so that you don't have the embarrassing scenario where you put on a maid's outfit and he thinks you've bought a new apron.

The point: role-playing is an intimate interaction between two people, and only when both people can immerse themselves in it, will the play usher in a wonderful climactic drama.

To operate well, the plot is important. If you do not want to be in the role-playing process of the hands, chaos and confusion, you players are still necessary in the design of a plot, or even have a simple little script.

But designing a plot is not just writing a story out of the blue, we need to pay attention to these points.

  • Design the script in advance

If you have not yet reached the point of perfection, you must prepare the script in advance, and you need to prepare two.

The first script you communicate with him. The purpose is to determine the main plot of the role play so that you both understand which direction to take. Not limiting so much also leaves a lot of gaps in each other's imagination so that there is also more excitement when playing.

The second script is a script for yourself. This is something you just need to anticipate in your head and not tell your partner so that you can surprise them. When you are thinking of your lines, you can imagine how your other half will react and think of a response accordingly.

In the role play, you both have a lot of free play, and the other party may react differently than you assume. So think about a variety of possible outcomes in advance, it will make you more comfortable in practice.

role-play nurse

  • Focus on your own feelings

Why many partners in role-playing before the plot script are well thought out, once the real state of play, either non-stop laughing, or particularly unnatural, or simply do not feel?

This is a mistake that most new players who are new to role-playing make, mainly because you think you're acting.

Actors need a "sense of belief" in acting, and we also need this "sense of belief" in role-playing, that is, to believe that we are the character we are playing.

You can try to focus on yourself completely, keep telling yourself that you are a secretary and he is your boss, and that you are in an office romance with each other. On the day of the role-play, you can do this to yourself a few more times to self-reference. Or before you enter the scene, take a few minutes to sit and meditate, forget about your original identity and step into your new role.

Role-playing is not a show to please the other person, learn to pay attention to your own feelings, you can master each role, but also to better please yourself.

  • Pay attention to gender differences

Many people will overlook this point, but it is very important. Boys and girls in this role-playing, preferences will be a little different. Boys focus more on visual stimulation and auditory stimulation, and show a stronger impact in a short period of time. And girls will be a little slower, need more time to get into the state, can not be too hasty.

For example, you play the teacher and student scenes, the girl will want the teacher to fill the students a little longer, slowly flirt to bring out the feeling. And boys may want to enter the step of physical contact at the beginning.

This is partly because girls are more shy than boys and need more time to buffer in the process of bringing into the role.

Moreover, girls also enjoy warm and slow foreplay compared to direct sex. So in the face of this difference between men and women, we need to communicate well with our significant other when designing our plots. Which parts you want can be longer and more varied, and which parts you think can be simpler and rougher to satisfy him.

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