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How to do G-spot squirting? here are some tips for you

There are many rumors on the Internet related to girls "squirting", that is, "squirting orgasm", there are also many posts saying that it is girls incontinence (really not), so girls orgasm is not easy, then if you want to try to make girls The G-spot squirting is another big challenge. If you want to take the easy way out, sex toys are the way to go, feel free to pick your favorite sex toys at ooty.

The three rules of G-spot squirting

Take your time to find the G-spot and stimulate it. Keeping patience sounds super easy, and there are detailed "action breakdowns" below.


Relaxation, both physically and mentally, is paramount to sex. First, get rid of all tension in your body, make sure you won't be disturbed, and allow yourself plenty of time. To make yourself more at ease, you can put a few bath towels under yourself to prevent spraying everywhere.

female orgasm

Find the G-spot

Sit with your legs arched and open on a couch or bed with a mirror between your legs. The G-spot is in the vagina, about 2-5 cm from the entrance, probably towards the upper vaginal wall. Stick a finger into the vagina and bend it slightly upwards towards your belly button. the G-spot feels a bit rough and crinkly to the touch, so if you're not sure, try rubbing your fingertips a little and you'll find the right spot.

Stimulate the G-spot

Stimulate the G-spot gently and slowly. When the G-spot is stimulated and arousal begins, the tissues will fill with blood and the G-spot and labia will become engorged and enlarged. some parts of the G-spot may feel sore, so be careful to gently stimulate the sore parts.
 Pay attention to lubrication! Don't underestimate the importance of lubrication. In addition to making it feel better, it also reduces the risk of soreness, pain or injury. Choose a water-based lubricant. Use your fingers to stimulate the G-spot or use a G-spot vibrator with the correct angle, which makes it easier to stimulate the "right" spot.

female orgasm

Feel the changes in your body

Notice the different sensations in your body and change the pace of stimulation accordingly. This thing should feel pleasant. Squirting" only happens when the vulva and G-spot are filled with blood and become larger.
 In fact, female squirting can be scientifically interpreted as "female ejaculation", but it is ejected from the urethra, so some people think it is incontinence. Therefore, when stimulating the G-spot, if you have the feeling of "wanting to pee", it means that squirting is not far away.

Suggested sex positions for G-spot squirting

If a man or woman wants to stimulate the G-spot squirting during sex, it is recommended to use the cowgirl position or doggy style. The cowgirl position allows the girl to have full control of her body and senses, making it easier to feel her G-spot. The dog crawl position gives the male partner the opportunity to apply pressure to the front of the vagina, increasing the chances of G-spot stimulation.
 squirting may happen on the first try, but it may also be difficult to succeed with repeated attempts. Whatever the outcome, the important thing is to feel relaxed, let go of any expectations and enjoy the exploration!

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