How to have sex in a shared apartment?

How to have sex in a shared apartment?

Have you ever imagined having sex anywhere in the house, in the bedroom, in the living room, on the balcony, etc. when you are in a good mood? But sometimes reality is often crueler. For many people, privacy is a very precious thing. In most cases, we don’t have it. We will always live with others for various reasons, whether it is family, friends, roommates, etc. In this case, you will not be able to release your unbearable hunger and desire as you please, but don't worry and be frustrated. Here are several ways to release your desires while protecting your secrets.

1. Have sex in the shower

You can try to have sex in the shower, which not only protects your privacy, but also covers the sound of sex with the sound of running water. Of course, if you want to be safer, you can play music, which can not only add interest and bring new The stimulation and feeling, this sneaky feeling can also greatly improve sexual excitement and tension, bringing a more exciting sexual experience. Shower sex will bring fresh excitement, away from bed sex, you can try new sex positions and bring different feelings.

If you don't have a partner, masturbating in the shower is also a good way to protect your privacy. The sound of water running in the shower can cover up the sounds you make while masturbating. You can also choose to add sex toys to the process to take your pleasure to a new level. However, it is worth noting that sex toys should be waterproof so as not to cause damage to the sex toys. If you don’t have a sex toy that you can bring into the bathroom, I recommend this rose sex toy to you. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but is also concealable and can be used as a decoration without being suspected of being a toy. It also has a very powerful function, with dual stimulation of vibration and sucking, giving you a pleasant feeling like oral sex.

2. Choose quiet times

If you prefer to have sex in the evening, do it while your roommate is asleep. In this way, you can enjoy sex better without worrying about being disturbed or being overheard. You can let go of tension and anxiety and enjoy sex better. And choosing to have sex late at night will also have more atmosphere and eroticism. If you live far away from the city, you can try to open the window or have sex on the terrace, but you must pay attention to privacy to protect your safety.

Or if you like to have sex in the morning, that's okay too. You can choose to have it earlier than usual with other people. You can choose to set an alarm clock. Of course, the alarm clock should be quieter, preferably only you can hear it. Having sex in the morning can start a new day better, help you wake up faster, and inject new energy and excitement into the new day.

3. Have sex outside the bed

It may surprise you that choosing to leave the bed for sex can be a very effective way if you want to be quieter and not disturb others. Bedframes and springs don't lie during sex. The squeaking sound of the bed is like a loud announcement to everyone that you are having sex, so stay away from bed sex if you don't want to be discovered.

You can choose to have sex on the floor, spread out with sheets and pillows, blankets, etc. to ensure basic comfort and warmth. Have sex away from the bed to avoid making any noise. And having sex on the floor is not necessarily a novel experience. It can be more stable. If you want to be quieter, you can also try to use pillows to cover up your moans. This feeling of restraint may give you a new experience. Exciting and fun.

4. Choose a time when no one is home

You can learn about your roommate's plans on weekends and choose to have sex when your roommate is out and no one is home. This allows you to be more relaxed and bold about having sex at home. You can even try new scenes for sex, such as the living room, kitchen, or even the attic, etc. You can also try new activities that you can't usually try, such as BDSM or role play. As long as you like it, you can do it at this time. You can boldly explore and enjoy, you can also enjoy the moans better and shout out boldly.

But it's important to clean up afterward, whether it's the floor or furniture. If you want to enjoy the time without having to worry about cleaning, a sex blanket is a good choice for you. Also pay attention to the time. Don’t get too immersed in the sex process. If your roommate comes back, it will become very embarrassing. If you are worried, you can set a time or set an alarm clock.

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