How to Help Your Partner Become more Confident in Bed

How to Help Your Partner Become more Confident in Bed

Sex is about exposing one's body and making oneself naked in front of a partner. Many people feel unconfident about sex. Many of these are due to lack of confidence in their own figure and certain body parts. Today we will discuss what the effects of not being confident in bed are and how we can improve our partner’s lack of confidence in bed.

What are the consequences of a partner who is not confident in bed?

If your partner does not appear confident in bed, he will be too focused on himself, afraid that he will not do well or care too much about his body, and will not be focused enough and distracted during sex, making it difficult to enjoy the pleasurable process of sex. and experience.

How to improve your partner’s lack of confidence in bed

Here are 9 ways to help your partner regain their confidence.

1. Let your partner know how you feel

If your partner makes you feel good, you can tell her loudly and praise her. Of course, if you are shy, you can also whisper it in her ear. And you can say what you want your partner to do to you and what behaviors you like from your partner, affirm your partner's behavior, and give correct feedback.

2. Make them feel needed

In daily life, express praise and affirmation to your partner, and you can also talk about the details of sex with your partner. For example, you made me feel good last night. Did you know that you were really sexy when I had sex last night? Share some sexy memories and details with your partner, look into her eyes and express genuine emotions.

3. Encourage your partner to explore their body

Encouraging your partner to explore their own body, understand their own body, and understand what makes them feel good can bring confidence. Confidence itself is a kind of sexy. My suggestion is that taking time to enjoy self-love is also a good way to understand your own body. This can also lead to better sex.

4. Spend time touching each other and learning what feels good

Touching each other's bodies with your partner, understanding what feels good to them, and understanding their body parts and sensitive areas will make your partner more confident. At the same time, broaden the definition of sex. Not only penetration and orgasm can be defined as sex or the ultimate goal of sex. This not only reduces each other's stress, but also makes your partner more confident.

5. Reassure them and focus on the positives

Focus on what they do well and acknowledge them. You can give your partner some suggestions, such as how I want you to treat me, where I like you to touch me, etc. Remember, in this process, avoid constructive criticism and express praise and praise for the behaviors you like. affim.

6. Eliminate expectations of “performance”

Many people are influenced by porn and have excessive expectations for themselves or sex itself. They regard the exaggerated and intense sexual behavior in porn and movies as the standard. This will lead to a huge gap between reality and fantasy, and thus feel Not confident. Therefore, it is important to recognize the actual situation. Do not regard orgasm as a goal. Only by treating sex as a process of exploration can you better experience and feel the interesting and pleasurable experience that sex brings.

7. Use sex toys

Ask your partner to use sex toys and have a good and open communication with your partner. But you have to choose a suitable time and situation, otherwise you may hurt your partner. Indicate your purpose to your partner and express your affirmation to your partner. Sex toys are just a tool and cannot replace the role of your partner.

8. Give good feedback now and later

It is important to give good feedback to your partner, not only to increase confidence in your partner, but also for a better and more pleasurable sexual experience. If your partner performs a very pleasant behavior, you should not only give your partner feedback at the moment to let your partner know what you are doing, but also the behavior that makes you happy, and clearly express to your partner what you like. Outside of the bedroom, recall to your partner behaviors and actions that you enjoyed and were excited about.

9. Honest communication outside the bedroom

Maintain honest communication outside the bedroom. Choose a suitable time to schedule an honest communication with your partner. Choose a suitable time and place. Choose a place where you both feel relaxed and comfortable. Don’t choose to communicate before or after sex. , this will hurt the feelings and trust between partners.

Final thoughts

If a partner is not confident in bed, it will affect the sexual experience. Learn to communicate appropriately with your partner, sincerely praise and affirm each other, give each other good feedback, eliminate expectations for "performance", etc., all of which can enhance your partner's ability in bed. Self-confidence makes sex more harmonious and healthy.

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