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How to look at the deepest human desires ----- sex

Both in the West and in the East, there have been changes in sexual attitudes throughout history, from anti-sex to positive. In general, pre-modern societies were anti-sexual and ascetic, and after entering modern societies, there was a shift in attitudes towards sexuality. All countries in the world have gone through this process to a greater or lesser extent.

In fact, sex is like human desire, because it is deeply rooted in human nature, and all the denials of it, the repression of it, are not justified. And how should one look at sex in everyday life? Today we will talk about the 7 layers of meaning of sex together. If you want to learn more about sex, check out the ooty website!

reproduce offspring

Reproduction of offspring will be treated as the only legitimate function of sex, most people with normal libido will consider the emergence of sexual desire as a necessity for reproduction of offspring, so sex here has the meaning and function of derivative life.

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Expression of feelings

Sex is a way for couples to communicate their feelings and express their love. Many people will communicate their love through sexual activity to the other person.

Getting pleasure

Sexual desire fulfillment is the eternal existence of the topic, according to statistics, the male masturbation rate reached 100%, female masturbation is also close to 90%, from the perspective of male and female needs, here sex is not reproduction of offspring, more to get psychological and physical satisfaction.

 prolong life

Sexual concepts of this point is particularly emphasized, talking about how through sexual activities to strengthen the body, prolonging the effectiveness of life. And when both men and women in the process of sexual pleasure, will also accelerate the body's blood flow, thus effectively play a relaxation and stress relief effect.

good health and long life


Statistics on the sex trade show that about 90% of the workers are women and 10% are men. One of the reasons for the increase in the number of male practitioners is that the economic status of women has increased in the modern world and women have the ability to pay for sexual services.

Maintaining interpersonal relationships

Sex has a good effect on releasing stress and maintaining conflict in relationships. I have seen some about street gangs, motorcycle gangs survey, these gangs are mostly male-dominated, but there are often a small number of women in the gangs, because the gangs will often be in conflict, or this gang with the gang war, this time, if women and the conflict parties have had sex, can ease the conflict, to maintain the harmony of interpersonal relationships.

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the symbol of power

In conducting research on sexology, it was found that sex actually exists as a symbol of power to satisfy some people. Let's say the sexual harassment of subordinates by their superiors in the workplace and the sexual harassment of students by professors in colleges and universities. A high-powered male executive producer in Hollywood is accused of sexual assault by a host of actresses and female staff members. From these social phenomena, in fact, sex here is taken as a symbol of power.

On the whole, sex has different meanings and represents different things in our lives. However, for family life, incorporating sex can increase the couple's emotions in addition to easing the tension in the family.

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