How to use sex toys with your partner

How to use sex toys with your partner

Using sex toys with a partner can be a new and exciting experience, even if you are experienced using sex toys alone. There are also more possibilities to explore using sex toys with your partner, and there are some sex toys for couples. If you are interested in this, then sex toys will be a beneficial addition to your sex life.

What’s the appeal of using sex toys with a partner?

Although not every sex toy is suitable for you, it is absolutely true that sex toys will bring new vitality and freshness. Moreover, in the process of exploring sex toys, we also learn more about each other's preferences. Exploration itself is an interesting thing.

The orgasm gap between the sexes still exists, and the addition of sex toys can make up for this part. It is well known that most women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone. Sex toys can increase stimulation while being hands-free, increasing the likelihood of experiencing mixed orgasms. And sex toys can bring different feelings and experiences, why not try them?

What type of sex toy to choose

Couple Toys: Any toy you want can be a couple toy. But there are some types of sex toys on the market that are more suitable for couples to play with. Such as remote control sex toys, penis rings, strap-ons, etc.

Vibrators: Common types of vibrators include external vibrators, rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, etc. Which one you choose depends on the feeling and method you want. If you want to add a little external stimulation during insertion, then an external vibrator will be more suitable, such as a rose toy, a wand, etc. You should also consider the size of the vibrator. and shape.

Unconventional types: such as dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons, BDSM props, and other sensory props. You can try them out according to your preferences and combine them into your sex life.

How to better incorporate toys into your sex life

1. Ensure consent

Before you start trying to incorporate sex toys into your sex life, first making sure both parties agree is key. You can express your desires to your partner, indicate your interests and attractions of sex toys or how they can be included in your sex life.

Even if you're both a toy lover, be sure to clean your sex toys before and after using them, and don't forget to take safety precautions if you're exchanging sex toys. You can better protect your health and avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Buy sex toys together

Buying sex toys together can better plan your sex life and improve your sex life. Discussing the topic of sex toys can also be a way to bring each other closer, increase curiosity, and increase sexual arousal. And now that online shopping is popular, sex toys purchased in online stores will be shipped confidentially without any embarrassment.

3. Use toys to explore the entire body

Don’t limit sex toys to a certain category and inherent knowledge. For example, vibrators can not only be used in the clitoral area, you can try to use them in other parts of the body. For example, nipples, perineum, scrotum, inner thighs, etc. Try using your sex toy all over your body and feel the sensation of it moving across your skin.

4. Double stimulation

Want double or multiple stimulation? Sex toys are a great way to do this. The main reason there is a large orgasm gap between the sexes is that most women cannot orgasm from penetration alone. Sex toys can make up for this very well. You can use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris during insertion to increase pleasure.

5. Try edging

Try edging, as the name suggests, which means pausing just before reaching orgasm and repeating it several times to achieve a more violent orgasm. Sex toys are great for experimenting with edging play, teasing your partner in the process, and learning about your partner's conditions and sensitive points for reaching orgasm.

6. Remote control

Remote control sex toys are undoubtedly the most suitable sex toys for couples. They can control your partner from a long distance. Even if they are separated, you can still have a good sense of control over your partner and control the mode and intensity you want. Even outdoors, you can have a thrilling game.

7. Try sensory play

You can use sex toys to unleash your sensory creativity. For example, the most common temperature game, putting sex toys into ice water or hot water, can bring new stimulation and feelings, especially for sex toys made of glass and stainless steel. Or try covering your eyes with a blindfold and you will have a different experience.

8. Role reversal

Trying to reverse roles, dominate or switch power dynamics can give you new feelings. Sex toys can achieve this very well, such as BDSM-related props, strap-ons, etc.

9. Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is also a great opportunity to explore your body and show your partner what you like. If your partner is not used to using sex toys to masturbate, this is a great opportunity to try a new sex toy.

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