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Sex in three parts to activate your sex life

"In my opinion, sexual lovemaking that is run-of-the-mill is lacking in soul. As a role-player since childhood, I like to add my favorite elements in the process of sex, such as fantasy, props or music, everything that is everyday can be used to add eroticism, the feeling is like dancing among the flames, the body's passion can have a subtle chemical reaction with reality, and then change it."
 After reading this passage, I suddenly thought of the play house I used to play as a child, when I had neither beautiful dolls nor beautiful props, but I was often able to take the local materials and play with my buddies with great joy.
 After growing up, this imagination and enjoyment of the state but somehow disappeared at some point. Even such an exciting game as sex, but also to play tasteless. Sex toys might help, and you can find some interesting sex toys on ooty.
 Today we will talk about what happens if sex is considered a game?

Setting the scene - sexual fantasy


Like children playing house, we want to put ourselves into certain roles and frames and then express our understanding of love in a particular capacity.
 We don't need to learn from the situations or plots of movies that may appeal to some people's fetishes, but not everyone will like or accept them. Especially in alternative genres such as rape/incest/cheating/threesomes, after all, no one really gets nourished and gets good feedback when the above happens in reality.
 When going deeper into the plot, maybe we can go beyond the superficial plot and then discover our deepest needs, such as we don't like violence, but we like to have someone make decisions for us; we don't like incest, but we like to take care or be taken care of ......
 Regardless of the plot and role, what we desire in sex is nothing but love. Although it is expressed in such a variety of ways, but still can not jump the circle of love.
 Under the influence of the current dazzling pornographic culture, do not blindly imitate it just because it can cause desire. To find out what you like, explore it with your partner:
 Choose the scenarios, characters and plots that interest you before you start. At this point your partner is your best game partner, you can freely express your expectations and needs in this sex, and then find a point of great interest to start.
 At this point, pay attention to the role and my personality between the need to have similar parts, so that you can meet the needs of both sides in sex at the same time. It is not possible to force the other person to do what you like, for example, you have a masochistic tendency, but the other person does not like violence and coercion, then it is necessary to change a script.

Use props - the body is the best tool for sex

sex toy

For example, my body is female, it has ovaries, uterus and vagina, so I need to know what they are before I start exploring sexually.
 During the process, we learn more and more about our body, how to keep it clean, healthy and comfortable, what parts of my body are sensitive, what actions can hurt it, etc.
 Props are used to fully engage the body's sensory experience, for example:
 To make the body look more sexy, you can choose: headdress, erotic lingerie, candles (to create atmosphere) ......
 To stimulate a certain part, you can choose: whips, feathers, or other small toys, such as Inyarose Toy is a perfect choice.

To make the process smoother, you can choose from: lubricants, essential oils, food ......
 What props you need to use depends largely on the development of your plot, but don't forget that props are embellishments, after all, what really brings the fun is the interaction and communication between the two people, not the props themselves.

To render the atmosphere - "dance" to the music

music sex

We also need some props to make our role more realistic when exploring in sex, and also music to render the atmosphere.
 Listening to music can promote the release of dopamine in the body, play the role of relaxation and alleviate negative emotions, the rhythm of music can also stimulate the rhythm of intimate actions, helping to improve the quality of sex.
 But it is important to note that not all music has a sexual effect, if you want to use music as a prelude to love, try to avoid non-romantic types, too much emphasis on lyrics or tunes hyperactive music.
 The music that can stimulate your physical and emotional energy is the best, such as when the music comes to mind, you will instantly be brought into the atmosphere created by the music, or as soon as you hear it, you want to dance to the beat of the music, so that you change your emotional state, become light, romantic and imaginative, such music is like an appetizer, for a good sex to prepare the ground.
 In the process of sex is best to choose their favorite song single loop, so as not to suddenly cut the song and destroy the atmosphere and rhythm of the two people, but also to help the emotional and physical energy in the same tune of the repetition of the accumulation, and finally with the rhythm of the body together to reach the sexual climax.
 Here is not for everyone to recommend tracks, because it is difficult to find suitable for all tastes of cheer music, if you really want to try in the music "dance" feeling, you can pick one or a few of their favorite music to try the effect ~

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