shave off your pubic hair

Is it comfortable to shave off your pubic hair?

The same body hair, change the location, the treatment can be a big difference!

In our private parts, there is a group of hair, it is both curly and hard, very obstructive, and also heard that shaving off pubic hair can enhance the sexual experience, is it true or not?

Today we will talk to you about those things about pubic hair. If you want to read more sex-related blogs, feel free to check out the ooty website.

What are the benefits of pubic hair?

Each hair of the body has its own meaning, pubic hair mainly plays a breathable moisture, reduce friction and impact, warmth, but also to enhance the interest of sex.

Our genital area is rich in sweat ducts, and the location is hidden, plus the place is wrapped all day, sweat is difficult to discharge, with pubic hair can increase the breathability, accelerate sweat and other secretions to evaporate.

Genital skin is more sensitive, most of the pubic hair is curly and fluffy, in daily activities as well as sex can act as a cushion spring, to avoid friction brought about by skin damage and painful sensation of impact between the two sides.

Don't look at the pubic hair is not much, but the role of warmth is not weak, it is like a "small quilt" to maintain a constant temperature of the vulva skin.

Although there is no pubic hair is more polished and clean, but retaining pubic hair has a natural wild beauty. For most people, the hairy pubic hair exudes a mature sex appeal, while the sparse pubic hair is unique hazy temperament, full of mystery, greatly increasing sexual interest.

shave off your pubic hair

What are the benefits of shaving off pubic hair?

"Can I shave off my pubic hair? The partner always says it sticks in the mouth..."

"Mixed menstrual blood in summer, sticky feeling is very unpleasant"

Although pubic hair is very useful, there are many troubles that arise from it. Shaving off pubic hair will not only make it easier to clean, but will also lead to a more intimate sexual experience.

When making love, there is no more barrier between skin and skin, and you can better experience the feeling of intimacy. That naked feeling of baring to each other will bring pleasure to the psyche and can take the sexual experience to a new level.

Moreover, without the cover of pubic hair, oral sex, the tip of the tongue can more easily wander, especially the girl's clitoris, every detail can be taken care of, much less by the pubic hair zap.

Shave off pubic hair sex must be more enjoyable?

That's not necessarily the case, see what they say:

Netizen A: "My partner shaves it off a lot, it looks and feels great, it's just too sticking when you're having sex"

Netizen B: "Feeling sexier girlfriend!

Netizen C: "It's so comfortable to shave off and it looks like I have a big dick, and I'm male."

Netizen D: "pubic hair grows out a little when sex, my partner said I look like a fairy ball"

Netizen E: "Every time is scraping half to leave half."

Netizen F: "I can feel myself zapping my skin"

Netizen G: "After shaving, I feel like a pigeon fading"

Netizen H: "I like to shave my own pubic hair, naked and so comfortable."

shave off your pubic hair

This handful of hair or not to shave?

The existence is reasonable, but the hot summer, cool feeling who does not want it. But shaved pubic hair, and soon grow back some, especially the sticking.

I think that "proper pruning" seems to be a better approach than overgrown, or completely destroying the private green belt.

If you are ready to act, please read this shaving guide

Preparation tools

  • small scissors / hair trimmer (first cut the hair short to avoid clogging the razor)
  • razor (surrounded by soap with the mildest, five layers of blades to shave the cleanest)
  • warm water, mild soap/bath soap (for lubrication, rinsing)
  • mirror/your partner (very important, solve the problem of visual blindness)


  • Trim the length and shape you like directly when the pubic hair is dry;
  • when shaving, first moisten with warm water to soften the hair roots, followed by a layer of soap or body wash; if you want to give it a shape, first scrape out the general outline, then a little patient repair.

As for what fancy, just decide for yourself

Pubic hair is an important body hair, shave or not, everyone has their own choice, there is no absolute. But shave or not shave, usually take good care and clean. When trimming, you must be careful and take good care of the hair after removal.

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