One out of every seven men has fantasized about feet

One out of every seven men has fantasized about feet

In everyday life, people have a variety of fetishes regardless of their personality. Smaller ones such as pinching fingers and touching cheeks, and larger ones such as some obsessive compulsive disorders, etc., are all individual fetishes.

Within the male range, there is such a category of fetish, that is, the preference for female feet. Some may not talk about it, but after researching the data, scientists have found that almost 15 percent of men have this fetish.

Some of these data are revealed through a number of related issues, while others are manifested through the description of their partners or in the mouth of their wives. Many women are puzzled by this behavior of their boyfriends and even suspect them of being psychopaths.

It may be confusing for many women to experience that their boyfriend will ask to play with their feet when they are about to make out. This is actually a normal sexual fetish and if you want to learn more about sex, feel free to check out the ooty website!

The concept of foot fetishism

As the name suggests, this particular fetish refers to a special fondness for the feet, often found in men, who will have a very unusual preference for female feet, even to the point of being unable to control, that is, "foot fetish".

foot fetish

Foot fetishism is a form of fetishism.

Foot fetishism is actually a special case of fetishism, which refers to an individual's extreme preference for particular objects. Such people tend to be more extreme, and will go to extreme lengths to satisfy their fetish.

Sigmund Freud believed that men develop a fascination with women's feet, perhaps because the feet are often hidden in shoes and socks, so to get a sense of what they look like requires a kind of imagination or even masturbation.

That's why many men enjoy the thrill of voyeurism and are often preoccupied with women's feet. Some even expect the female feet to step on their own behavior, so as to get more pleasure.

In the field of neuroscience, scholars believe that the neurons in the human brain responsible for reproduction are closer to those in the feet, so it may be that the subconscious mind facilitates the relationship between the two, causing people to associate sex with their feet.

Of course, it is well known that there is a certain odor that exists in human feet. And since the sense of smell itself is a way for individuals to perceive the world, many men develop a great fascination with the smell of women's pussy and feet.

Of course, this psychological fetish is ultimately an aberration, but some scholars have argued that categorizing this fetish as a "mental illness" may deepen the male mindset and make him more and more attracted to the pleasure.

This is because people get more and more curious about things that are explicitly forbidden, want to try and do them, and ultimately can't comply.

Of course, there are some scholars who have tried to address this addiction, for example, there have been psychologists who have tried aversion therapy to deal with this particular hobby. But the effect is more limited and often only provides a little support.

Specifically, it is for these men to try to change the object of their fetish, so that they gradually lose interest in women's feet.

So for the majority of men who have such a fetish, why are they ashamed to express themselves about it?

Because normal people tend to think that their feet are supposed to be hidden because of their odor and because they don't show them very often, they can't understand how these men with foot fetishes think. In their minds, feet should be used for walking and not associated with anything else.

Gradually, this view was accepted by the majority of the society, so that those men with special preferences became "deviants".

But in fact, in men's view, their so-called "conquest" of women includes the whole body, including the cheeks, the body, and of course, the feet. This is why in the late Qing Dynasty, there was such a perverted aesthetic and surprising custom as "female foot-binding".

So rather than a "disease", foot fetishism is a continuation of the male desire for the female body.

So there is no need for men with foot fetishes to feel ashamed, and certainly no need to make a big deal out of it. If it's acceptable, it's okay to reveal your feelings to your significant other.


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