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Parts of the Body that Cannot be Ignored in Foreplay

My friends, let’s not underestimate the importance of foreplay. It has the power to elevate a merely “good” sexual experience into something truly extraordinary—a full-body, mind-blowing experience that may even feel close to a religious experience. Yes, that's so critical. We can’t rush it like checking off a to-do list before getting into the main activity!

Slowing down and paying proper attention to the often overlooked aspects of a sexual encounter sets the stage for a more satisfying experience from head to toe. Foreplay does more than just increase blood flow to your intimate areas to enhance sexual arousal; it can also help prepare you for an extraordinary sex life and help you escape the distractions of your busy life.

Let’s rethink the word “foreplay” and move away from the idea that penetrative sex is at the top of some sexual hierarchy, which may not be the best way to maximize pleasure. It's important to realize that the vast majority of people with clitoris experience orgasm through external clitoral stimulation. While penetrative sex is pleasurable, it doesn't cover the entire spectrum of sexual activity. All forms of sexual contact should be considered equal as long as everyone experiences pleasure. Maybe we should consider adopting the term "MOREplay" to cover everything except penetration - what do you think?

Furthermore, extraordinary, mind-blowing sex goes beyond just genital stimulation. Exploring the vast world of erogenous zones opens up countless joyful possibilities, emphasizing that sexual satisfaction is about more than just focusing on the genitals. Sex toys go a long way towards mutual pleasure, and at ooty you can find the right sex toy for you.

1. Periocular Area (Around the Eyes)

In addition to the more traditional erogenous zones, the area around the eyes is equally sensual and intimate. Gently stroking your partner's eyebrows with your thumb and kissing your partner's eyelids can create a deep sense of intimacy. Deep eye contact combined with gentle facial touch can evoke a stronger sense of connection.

2. Inner Area of Biceps and Triceps

Not only is this area incredibly sensitive, adding to the erotic element, but it's also easily susceptible to pleasurable stimulation. Use your tongue in gentle circular motions to stimulate the area. As you get closer to the inside of your elbow, the skin there thins and sensitivity increases, providing the opportunity to drive your partner wild. Remember, the less stressful it is, the more enjoyable the experience will be.


The collarbone and the grooves around it are very sensitive to gentle touch. While this may seem like an unexpected territory, your partner can use it to stimulate you in ways you've never explored before. O'Reilly recommends running the backs of your fingers over the bones and running your tongue along the underside of the bones for a sensory experience.


Before engaging in any foot or toe play, it's crucial to communicate with your partner and ensure their consent. Once approved, licking or sucking on your toes can be incredibly arousing due to their heightened sensitivity. Just be careful and avoid accidental kicks in the face!

5. Ear Lobes

The ears and earlobes are extremely sensitive for many people. Activities such as nibbling the earlobe, licking behind the ear, and whispering sexy words may significantly arouse sexual desire. Pellet even mentioned that some women and AFAB (assigned female at birth) individuals, including herself, experience ear orgasms from this stimulation alone.

6.Inner Auditory Canal

While it may sound unconventional, the inner ear is incredibly sensitive and can provide an enjoyable experience when exploring. Take a sensual approach that doesn't involve inserting your fingers to remove earwax, but rather gently exploring the area. Gradually slide your finger in, twisting gently or rocking gently back and forth. This technique releases a tingling sensation that induces moans of pleasure. Combining this stimulation with gentle nibbling on the earlobe can enhance the experience.

It must be done slowly to avoid causing pain or discomfort, and be careful not to reach the back of the ear canal, as this may be harmful to your ears. Use caution and proceed with caution!

7. Behind the Knees

It turns out that the tender area behind your knees is very responsive when gently stroked or massaged. Explore the area, especially maintaining eye contact with your partner. Try different strokes with your fingertips or whole fingers and risk driving your partner crazy.

However, it's worth noting that this area can be very sensitive or ticklish for some people. Be sure to talk to your partner before focusing on the back of their knees. By being aware of your intentions ahead of time and discussing them, you can create a more emotional atmosphere rather than an uncomfortable one. Consent is key!

8. Scalp

The scalp is rich in nerve endings and should undoubtedly be on your list of sensitive spots. A pleasurable head massage, running your hands through your hair or gently grabbing the hair at the nape of your neck can be a pleasure. For those interested, trying hair pulling is also an option. Start gently and gradually adjust the intensity to your partner's preference. As with any exploration in the realm of intimacy, it's crucial to check in with your partner regularly to make sure they're enjoying the experience.

9. Back of Neck and Shoulders

Continuing the journey from the scalp to the nape of the neck, the back of the neck and shoulders can be particularly sensitive. Gently tickling the area can increase sensitivity. For those who feel comfortable, nibbling or love-biting can also help increase sexual arousal.

10. Hands

Do you know the importance of hands in foreplay? Our hands have the same number of nerve endings as our genitals. Kay recommends engaging in a sensual experience by closing your partner's eyes, guiding their hands, and slowly guiding them to brush their fingertips against your face. This tactile exploration can extend into your neck, shoulders, breasts, and other sensitive areas, allowing touch to convey exactly how you prefer to be caressed. It is a communication tool that demonstrates your wishes through the language of touch.

11. Pubic Bone

The path to sexual arousal in a tantric massage involves stimulating surrounding areas of your partner's body, followed by direct attention to the genitals and achieving orgasm. Gently massaging your pubic bone can unlock a huge amount of sexual potential. For those who are ready to explore more of their erogenous zones, there is the option of gently massaging the perineum (the area between the penis and anus) with a few fingers.

12. Perineum

In conjunction with the pubic bone, combined erogenous zone stimulation involves gently massaging the perineum (the area between the penis or vulva and the anus) with a few fingers. For those with a penis, hold it up against your body when trying this technique. If your partner has a vulva, you can use your fingers to stimulate the vulva while gently massaging the perineum in a rocking motion with your knuckles. This technique is known to increase sexual arousal and get the juices flowing.

13. Hypersensitive Borders Around Lips

The buccal nerve that surrounds the edge of the mouth has untapped stimulation potential during kissing. This area is highly sensitive to touch but is often overlooked because most people focus on the fuller parts of their lips. A technique where you use your fingertips to gently trace along the edges of your mouth, like applying lip liner, to experience a tingling, almost itchy sensation.

During a passionate kiss, there is no need to lick your partner's entire mouth. Instead, you can seamlessly integrate this technique by kissing like normal and gently tracing the edge of their upper lip with the tip of your tongue. Kiss them playfully again and trace the edge of their lower lip. This subtle and focused approach can enhance the pleasure of the kissing experience.

14. Nipples

The Importance of Nipple Play. This area is particularly interesting for cisgender men and AMAB individuals, as nipples are often considered "uncharted territory"—an erogenous zone that they may not have explored much. On the other hand, AFAB individuals and cis women often find playing with their nipples very interesting due to the sensitivity of the nipple area.

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine even showed that some people can reach orgasm through nipple play alone. This phenomenon has been attributed to stimulation of the same brain area as genital stimulation - the genital cortex. For those who experience nipple orgasms, the connection can be so strong that it can be a satisfying release of sexual tension. Communication is key in this area, so do it by showing your partner what you like—whether that's a gentle tongue flick, a bite, or a touch. Always checking in to make sure everyone is having a good time.

15. Where the Neck and Chest Meet

The entire area between your chin and shoulders is your erogenous zone, but there's one specific spot that stands out. This is the small indentation where the neck meets the collarbone. The skin in this area is thinner and there is less fatty tissue underneath, so the sensation is more intense and extra pleasant to the touch.

While kissing their neck, use the tips of your index and middle fingers to rotate your fingers in a slow circular motion from one shoulder to the central depression. Follow this movement with your mouth, kissing the area and adding warmth to the area with your breath. This technique creates intense pleasure and awakens the senses.

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16. Both Sides of the Torso

Running from the base of your ribcage to your buttocks is a powerful nerve that, when stimulated, connects directly to the clitoris of all genders and to your partner's penis or vulva. Reflexively touching this area causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract, thereby increasing sexual arousal. Here, it is recommended to touch it harder because it is more itchy than other places.

Start exploring below the ribs on one side. You can touch the area with your hands, or you can change the sensation by alternating kisses (applying more pressure with your lips than usual) and gently nibbling down on the hip bone. This technology enhances sexual arousal, creating a unique and pleasurable experience for you and your partner.

17. Mounds on the Lower Back

The knobs at the base of the spine are rich in nerves and have significant arousal potential. Taking advantage of this, mutual massage can become an intimate and enjoyable experience. Start massaging from the shoulder blades, using a kneading motion as your hands move downward. As you reach your lower back, transition to a softer touch, gently swirling your fingers around the base. This area is so receptive that even the gentlest touch can send chills throughout the body.

Gently rub the area with your cheek to try for extra sensation. Unexpected skin contact triggers an increase in the stimulant hormone dopamine. Follow up with a soft kiss and gently trace your tongue along the same spot. To enhance this feeling, try brushing the tips of your hair over your skin and then gently scraping your fingernails across your skin.

18. Marks on Thighs

Located at the top of your inner thigh is one of the most explosive nerves in the body, the ilioinguinal nerve, known for its extreme sensitivity to touch. To maximize your fun, consider leaving this area until last and work your way up to it. Start by moistening your fingers (as the humidity increases stimulation), then slowly work your way from the middle to the top of your inner thighs. Use your tongue to follow the same path, teasing your way to the upper area. This technique can enhance arousal and add an element of anticipation to the overall experience.

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