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Say something passionate during sex

American sexologist Helen Gapland said, "Couples who desire sex without communicating with each other are like learning to shoot blindfolded." This tells us that silence is the great enemy of sex, in order to get a beautiful sex, couples must communicate through words and voices. So, during sex, what should be said to promote it? In this post I'm going to walk you through some basic techniques, if you want to learn more, feel free to check out the ooty website!


During sex, as the progress varies, the content and manner of talking should also change with it. During foreplay, you can talk about something light and pleasant. The ideal conversation is one that has both a sexual undertone and a touch of everyday life, such as humorous things about sex or jokes.

After entering the substantial love stage, the words should be relatively less, but the degree to deepen, that is, to close to the feelings and sexual behavior of both sides. Generally speaking, women love to listen to men's "sweet talk" at this time, while men prefer to hear compliments on their physical characteristics. It is said that men are animals defeated by strength, while women are most easily conquered by words. When nearing orgasm, women can encourage him with intermittent moans and occasional praise. Some men may talk dirty, but it must be in moderation.

After sex, men and women should be appropriate to say more, compared with the start of sexual contact before talking, should be slightly more specific. For example, you can simply ask each other about the sexual feelings just now, the man should not fall asleep after sex. The right amount of emotional communication can give a perfect ending to sex.

Throughout the process of sexual communication, three "fundamental principles" must be observed. One is praise. Both men and women, listening to each other's words of praise, are very useful. Some words in the usual may be difficult to say, the other side will listen to the heart will blush, but at this moment said, both sides will not be embarrassed by the feeling, but will feel very comfortable. The second is to express thoughts. Most women tend to prefer gentle affection, a deep hug, a passionate kiss after a woman's ear softly said: I miss you, I need you so ...... such language is full of your tender and thoughtful, fully reflecting her position in your heart. Of course, men also need to be missed. Three is to say adore. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.


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