A female is lying on her back, enjoying a massage, and massage oil is about to be poured on her back

Sensual Massages to Fulfill Your Partner's Desires

If you've yearned for a sensual, nuru, or exotic massage, you're in the perfect place. Today, we'll openly explore various intimate massages that amplify sexual pleasure, target erogenous zones, and induce relaxation for the body and mind. Erotic massage can be even better with the use of sex toys, so feel free to check out your favorite sex toys on the ooty website.

The Allure and Benefits of  Massage

Experience the Allure of Nuru Massage: Originating in Japan, Nuru Massage is an intimate full-body massage where the masseuse utilizes their entire body for the massage, ensuring complete bodily contact that transcends traditional techniques. The term "Nuru" stems from the Japanese word for "slippery," as it involves covering both bodies in a colorless, odorless gel derived from Nori Seaweed.

Beyond adding excitement to couples' love lives, Nuru Massage offers a profound stimulation through the gel-covered, gliding bodies, fostering a profound sense of comfort within oneself. Due to its intense intimacy, this massage can enhance emotional connections and serve as a spiritual journey for partners exploring their bond together.

Exploring Exotic and Erotic Massages

Exotic massage, distinct from nuru massage, delves into spiritual healing with added depth. It initiates with a soft prayer chant and encourages synchronized deep breathing between the masseuse and recipient. Incorporating fast clapping motions on the back, this massage may include hot stones or other techniques focusing on forearms and the lower body. Renowned for inducing an amazing sensation and alleviating negative emotions, this practice persists in countries like China, Japan, and Hawaii.

Contrasting exotic massage, erotic massage involves intimate partners touching, communicating tenderness, and expressing love. It serves as a stimulating foreplay, fostering an intimate understanding between partners. Utilizing massage oil candles adds ambiance and warmth, enhancing the experience and aiding in relaxation, improved blood circulation, and heightened libido.

Giving an erotic massage involves a gradual start, using oils for rubbing, kneading, and caressing, allowing the freedom to stimulate using any body part. With no boundaries, it parallels nuru massage's full-body contact, while a top sex massage can elevate the experience during lovemaking, leading to profound orgasms and deeper intimacy.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage, a secret technique aimed at heightening erotic sensations, incorporates breathing, meditation, and mindfulness, emphasizing stimulation and arousal without always being sexual. Rooted in ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions, this massage seeks to move energy through the body for inner healing. Utilizing wand massagers or vibrational devices, often associated with erotic sex massage, tantric massage may involve using massage oils for enhanced glide and improved tool maneuverability. A contemporary adaptation, neotantric, emphasizes sacred sexuality over religious aspects, offering a more modernized approach to this spiritual practice.

A woman is lying on her back enjoying a massage

Kamasutra Massage

The Kamasutra Massage explores intimate pleasures that extend beyond mere sexual activity, guiding couples through various positions to heighten and maximize their sexual pleasure.

Rooted in ancient Hindu practices, this massage technique introduces numerous positions that, despite initial complexity, can evolve into simple maneuvers. These positions are integrated into Kamasutra massage sex sessions, allowing couples to embrace deeper levels of intimacy and explore a more erotic technique.

Derived from ancient practices, Kamasutra massage offers couples an opportunity to delve into a deeper, more erotic experience, learning optimal positions that enhance and intensify orgasms. In these sessions, the use of body massage oils, such as vanilla or specially formulated oils like Adam and Eve massage oil infused with minerals and pheromones, adds a flavorful and sensuous dimension to the massage experience.

Prostate Massage

Prostate massage involves internal stimulation through the anus, often using a prostate vibrator for enhanced blood flow and stimulation. To properly use a prostate massager, ensure ample lubrication on the toy and anus. Gently insert the stimulator, adjusting until comfortable. Utilize the vibration or manual thrusting features for a prostate orgasm.

Massage Oils: Designed to enhance pleasure and relaxation during massages, these oils offer a delightful sensory experience as their scent fills the air, leaving the skin supple. They are crafted from organic materials, ensuring a smooth glide, ideal for sensual massages.

Available in diverse scents, ingredients, and textures, massage oils are easily accessible. They can be purchased from various outlets, including pharmacies, grocery stores, or even online retailers by searching. However, avoid using massage oils for nuru massages, which necessitate seaweed massage gel.

The best massage oil for couples often leans toward edible massage oils for their delightful flavors and safety for consumption. Although many massage oils are available, considering massage oil sex lubes or oils designed for specific needs, such as for him, can offer added benefits for both the body and skin.

It's crucial to note that while massage oils are great for massages, they should not be used as lubricants in intimate areas like the penis, anus, or vagina. Using oils in these regions is not advisable due to potential complications.


Beyond their potential for sexual arousal, massages—whether Nuru, Exotic, or Kamasutra—are primarily intended to release toxins, enhance blood circulation, and induce relaxation in muscles and the mind.

The frequency of massages varies among individuals, with some opting for monthly sessions or even more frequent visits, based on personal preferences and needs.

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