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Seven ways to spice up your weekend

Work, household chores and raising children can seriously affect our moments of intimacy, especially with the exhaustion of everyday life.

To strengthen our bond and bring us closer together, why not invent some sexy night-time rituals? Why not invent some sexy night-time rituals? That's a good place to start. Or you can also include the use of sex toys in your sex life, feel free to check them out at ootyemo.

Our goal is to add interest and excitement to our normally boring lives.

1. Mood adjustment

Take a look at your bedroom: does it bring you stress or a sense of comfort and serenity? Make your bedroom more than just a place to rest, it's a place to relax, so why not check it out?

Turn your bedroom into an atmospheric space where you and your partner can relax and have fun. Think about how simple adjustments can improve the warmth and comfort of a room. We can start like this, by choosing soft lighting, comfortable bedding, ethereal and refreshing scents and decorations to enhance the mood of the room, either by choosing your favorite objects, or the secrets of a love story that belongs only to the two of you, to make the room captivating and seductive and ignite your libido.

Let's talk about creating the right conditions for intimacy by tidying up your bedroom. It's messy and unhygienic, oh no. Take the time to organize your bedroom and keep them away from you.

Now imagine lying in bed in a luxury hotel and feeling carefree. That's the atmosphere we want to create. Enhance the ambience of your bedroom with a few small details. Clean, crisp linens, inviting bedding and captivating scents can make your space feel like it's on the other side of the world. Consider using scented candles to ignite your desires when lighting the perfume, and choose seductive aromas such as ylang ylang mandarin or rich jasmine lily. Respect your preferences and choose the fragrance that appeals to you most!

Let's talk about cell phones. Imagine you're having a happy moment with your partner and you receive a message from your cell phone. It's time to put your phone on silent mode. These messages and notifications can be dealt with once the fun has passed and the most important thing is to enjoy the moment. You can also agree with your partner to put your phone on silent mode and throw it away just before making love. This will allow you to come face to face, touch each other and become more intimate.

2. Get Ready With Your Partner

Let's look at how you can turn your night-time routine into a shared experience that triggers intimacy. Start by showering together and enjoying each other's rubdowns. If you feel like it, you can turn the shower into a sensual massage. Next, couples get ready for bed together. Brush your teeth side by side, or even brush your partner's hair while having fun - these tender moments can be surprisingly exciting. 

3. Erotic Clothing 

Now let's talk about what to wear to bed. If your comfortable clothes are in need of a little revitalization, consider wearing seductive lingerie under your usual loungewear. They can add an unexpected sparkle to everyday foreplay. Not in the mood for new clothes? Simply go to bed wearing nothing at all. Sometimes less is more, and the lure of nudity can make for some exciting moments.

3.Do Something Sexy

When it's time to get into bed, think about spicing up the evening with some sensual activities. You don't have to plan everything, but there are a few ideas to spice up the evening. Have you ever thought of offering your partner a sensual massage? Illuminate the room with a tantalizing massage candle to create a sexy atmosphere. Before applying the wax to your partner's skin, quickly check that the temperature is correct. Then massage your partner with a variety of pressures and movements to gradually arouse her or bring her to a climax of pleasure.

These subtle, deliberate gestures can deepen your bond and create a space for exploration and mutual pleasure.

4.Erotic Readings

Relax, enjoy stimulating entertainment options and awaken passion with your partner. From audio erotic novels to steamy films, discover sensual stories and create cozy atmospheres that lull you and your partner into dreaming together in bed. As a non-technical alternative, get a collection of erotic short stories and take turns reading them aloud before bed. 

Relax and increase intimacy by pleasuring each other. Whether you enjoy oral sex, play alone, make passionate love, or just enjoy a long make-out session, physical contact promotes connection. It is also a way to break down barriers from a hard day at work or preparing for an upcoming event, ensuring that you and your partner remain united in the face of life's challenges.

Too often we postpone happiness until another day and miss out on meaningful moments. It's important to incorporate pleasure into your evening routine.

5.Role Play 

Be adventurous and try role-playing games to spice up your bedtime routine. Try out role-playing scenarios and go beyond your normal life. Start by taking on another character or dive into full costume cosplay. Remember that clear communication is key. Discuss desires, boundaries, and scenarios with your partner to ensure comfort and consistency. Don't know where to start? Discover role-playing ideas for beginners that will stimulate your imagination and deepen your bond.

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6.Morning Routine

Start your day by setting priorities for yourself - this is the secret to a successful relationship. Practice self-care to ensure that both you and your partner are radiating your passion from a fulfilling place. Consider creating a morning routine that celebrates your irresistible self.

7.Keep it Fresh

Now let's talk about how to stay motivated throughout the day. The perfect end to your day doesn't just happen to you; This requires a little effort. Establishing a routine ensures consistent connectivity. Feeling exhausted? No problem! Instead of making complicated plans, opt for a relaxed and sensual evening. Ditch the fancy lingerie, tone down the intensity and enjoy a peaceful and intimate experience. 

Remember that you are in this together and your partner is your ally to keep things exciting. Want to add some sparkle? Send them a funny lunchtime text, drop a hint about what to expect, or ask them for their hottest advice. Your answers are sure to build anticipation and set the stage for an enticing evening, regardless of the day's challenges.

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