Men and women flirting in bed

Sex mini-games between partners


In the movie is very common. For example, such a first encounter scene, the bar, the female Flirting, "flirting" people turn the glass of red wine, cozy ruffled hair, with a smile, but from time to time to look at the opposite side of the strange man's eyes. Not long after the man will call the waiter to send over a glass of wine, judging from the woman's look, if she happily took the glass, that is the signal transmission, the man will also be more white letter to go over. The whole process, even without words, between two strangers eyes and body is the signal, conveying whether I want to go flirt you, and whether you will accept. If you want to learn more flirting techniques, feel free to check out ooty's website!

Woman in a bar with a highball glass.

The verbal flirtation reminds me of a classic bit from It Happened One Night. Keira Knightley stumbles upon Guillaume Canet, an old flame she once loved, in Manhattan, and the two meet at a bar for the evening; she walks in, he's all smiles, and the first thing he says is, "You look gorgeous." Hugging like friends, but Knightley took a deep sniff of his shoulder. A long lost pair of lovers, sitting down, was this conversation.

Knightley says: "Do I look any different than before? " Kane replied, "No, you look the same as before." Knightley bites his mouth, "You taste the same as before too." He smiled back, "So do you." Grown men and women, the first three sentences set the tone of the -lip, back said:evening. It was a little too warm and fuzzy, and after two or three sentences of small talk, Knightley asked, "Tell me something serious." Carne returned:Â "It's really been too long since I've seen you." Knightley said, "I mean something heartfelt." Kane stared straight at her and without stuttering, said, "That's what I meant by heartfelt.

None of the words have anything to do with "sex", but every word is full of teasing. There is not a bit of physical contact that crosses the line, but the sparks of ambiguity have already burned into a piece, which is the flirting game of adults.

What is flirting, the key to attraction? Flirting, simply put, is fooling around. However, it's a special kind of playfulness.

Flirting is a small game of sex between partners, both seasoning life, but also to catalyze the feelings, know how to flirt, the two sparks will be more brilliant, at the same time flirting is also an art, learn this art, your sex life is no longer boring dull. Flirting is a high-level game for adults, it is also an indispensable magical power in love; flirting, a healthy relationship between men and women, it is closer to human nature, it is the bottom of the red wine glass sinks down the sweetness. Learning to flirt is considered to find the key to open the door to adulthood. Sweet flirting between lovers is a good way to warm up the relationship, moody flirting can enhance the intimacy of two people, while allowing each other to deepen their understanding.

Rituals are essential

Ceremony is not necessarily to buy gifts, but some important small actions. For example, every time you send you home with a kiss goodbye, you can steal a kiss when the other person is not paying attention, you can also kiss the back of the hand, kiss the neck, anyway, always toss the other person a little bit before getting off the car to go home, leaving a deep impression on the other party so that the other party will look forward to the next time they meet. Every time you see each other, you will be very excited, drive each other, every time you use your special way to say hello to each other, so that each other always feel passionate.The Ritual of a Man Sending Flowers to a Woman

Keep them guessing.

It's like playing a game, you never know what's waiting for you on the next level that you don't know. If you let each other every time to unlock a new side of you, the other side will be curious, how many things you actually Ta do not know, you are full of inquiry, and each of your actions so that the other side can not guess what you are ready to do next, then Ta no way to predict in advance, can only react to the scene instead of letting Ta more effort to understand you. So how rich your connotation, how worthy of each other to understand.

You always have constructive, novel ideas about what the other person likes.

The other side of the spiritual world you can integrate, but also to inspire each other's ideas, then the other side will be very happy to share with you Ta's world, willing to share to show that you are that Ta have the desire to talk to the person, the topic between you will not be broken. After all, Ta like things you also go to understand, in order to have the feeling of similar interests, each other will have a connection and resonance, a lot more affectionate.


Don't underestimate body language, sometimes the slightest touch can give you an unexpected and magical effect. Body language can help you convey a richer emotional language. Gently touching your body, such as resting your head on his shoulder or arranging the cuffs of his collar for him.

Gentle touch between a man and a woman

These are more likely to ignite the fire between you than intense physical contact. Your quiet, subtle flirtations are more likely to make him dependent on you and attracted to you, making him tickle his heart.

Use of clothing and small gestures

For women, rhythmically swinging your shoes and earrings is an effective flirtation. A light pursing of the lips can be more provocative, but avoid wrinkling your nose, which can make you look older. The key is not what you're doing, but the rhythm of the movement. The rhythm should be sexy and exciting.

And for men, properly straighten your tie, cuffs and hair. Turn the glass in your hand. The rhythm should be masculine, and it is sometimes more attractive if you can maintain a regular rhythm. Thus enticing the woman to ask what you are thousand.

Romance and flirtation is something that it is not a necessity. But those who have enjoyed it, know how important it is. There is always a need for a vibe, a little moment of suddenly loving you more.

Don't worry about being called a vixen, flirting is being attentive to the love of your life and you don't realize how cute you are until you do it.

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