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Sexual fetishes you didn't know you had.


bdsm is actually one of the more common sexual fetishes. In Prof. Li Yinhe's sexology book "Sadomasochistic Subculture", she cites early data from the famous American sexologist Kinsey that about 1/5 of men and 1/8 of women are sexually aroused by sadomasochistic stories. Another empirical survey from the US showed that at least 30% of people use sadomasochistic games to enhance sexual activity. An even larger percentage admitted that their sexual fantasies included elements of dominance and submission (Li Yinhe, 2009).

It's actually a very large category, a vocabulary that combines the initials of several phrases: bondage and bondage, domination and submission, sadomasochism and masochism.BDSM may encompass practices such as erotic slapping, whipping, and cunnilingus stimulation.

People of all sexual orientations practice BDSM activities: male and female, gay or straight, or bisexual. Many people practice BDSM only in private and do not share their hobbies with others. Some interact with other BDSM practitioners.The BDSM community can be described as a subculture within mainstream society. People who regularly engage in BDSM or dominant/submissive relationships are said to "live their lives in this style".

I personally believe that BDSM, unlike homosexuality, or heterosexuality, or orgasm through sexual intercourse, like this part of the player, are inclined to a will play the abuser, can be through a word, an action, a way, can make you reach orgasm, many players in the play at the same time there is no sexual intercourse, purely domination and domination, many new players are thinking, how to find the opposite sex to be dominated by domination, this is a misunderstanding, a white man into the first to determine their own preferences, preferences, and then communication, rather than feel you come for sex, in fact, slowly understand you will feel you come for sex. Domination is dominated, this is a misunderstanding, a white man into the first to determine their own preferences, hobbies, fetishes, and then communicate, rather than a feeling that you are here for sex, in fact, slowly understand you will find the charm of the inside, and now a lot of older people are playing, why is it, people to the middle-aged have no choice, or feel the traditional tedium, this game can make you have a kind of new life feeling! The reason for this is that it is not a good idea to play the game in the middle of the year. If you want to learn more about sex, check out the ooty website!

cuckold fetish

NTR stands for a type of movie, the cuckold plot series, that refers to (some object) being slept with away. It is now used generically to refer to one partner in a gender relationship being slept with by someone else.

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Cuckoldism, also known as kinky wife fetishism, refers to feeling aroused by the idea of your partner having sex with someone else. To be more serious, NTR refers to a certain event or episode, i.e., a cuckold event, so cuckold fetishism is the preference for cuckold events to happen to oneself, and feeling aroused by the fact that one's partner is having sex with someone else.

Group sex and wife or husband swapping

As you can probably guess from the name what it's about, there are husbands who need to fantasize about their wives having sex with other people during sex to be very passionate. Sometimes when driving on an empty, deserted western highway, I see a large sign pop up on the side of a mountain from a distance, and my friend says it's a group sex and partner-swapping club. And group sex, of course, is a group of people, usually three and more, most of whom bring their partners to join a group of people who have a common agreement to either switch partners or have sex with their partners in a common space. Those involved, if they have some social status and popularity, perhaps wear masks. Most of the time, men need to use protection such as condoms. Multiple people having sex in the same place at the same time. Also includes voyeurism and exhibitionism play.

Bondage or rope art

It is a subcategory of BDSM to bind others, to view the position of being bound for sexual pleasure, with a strong desire to control; to be bound, to enjoy the feeling of being bound and bound, mainly to amplify the perception, to increase the eroticism, but also a sense of spiritual attachment exists. Tools used include, but are not limited to, cotton rope, twine, duct tape, belts, scarves, ties, and slings.

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It is also a mild form of BDSM, and is now preferred by many, with sex-related role-playing activities where two people play related roles, such as nurse and patient, teacher and student, boss and secretary, etc., which can fulfill many identity-related sexual fantasies. It may also be combined with some costumes, including but not limited to nurses, students, policewomen, seductive costumes, see-through dresses, ultra-short bustier dresses, etc.

anal intercourse

Like butt-related activities, please note that the vast majority are men. Prostate pleasure is objective, but instead women like backdoor less, usually just psychological pleasure, such as being conquered, being all-around possessed, and now many men choose to vent the most. Normal sex experience feeling is different, so now many men are experiencing.

oral sex

Although oral sex is now a conventional weapon in sex life, but there are people who are particularly obsessed with oral sex, which can be considered a kind of fetishism, of course, it may also be that he or she is particularly lazy, I've done the survey now regardless of the cultural differences in the city and the age difference between couples is a common phenomenon.

verbal abuse

In sexual behavior or SM flirting, the use of words to humiliate, abuse each other, can also be called the bed of dirty words, very useful and common, a lot of eroticism is from the beginning of the language, moaning is also one of the language includes a lot of, some people in the normal room life, say some of this kind of words, can play the flirting of the key important a step, a sentence of the language may be able to set off a wave of waves.


The original meaning was sexual relations between established relatives other than husband and wife or unmarried couples who are not of the same generation, but also refers to sexual intercourse between close relatives. Most just stay in the imagination, masturbation. But it must be said, incest phenomenon has a long history and has always existed, in fact, in real life I often around will hear this phenomenon, the network of many people in the virtual network is even more honest about their own bias more.

foot fetish

Foot fetishism refers to the same sex or the opposite sex of the foot or its footwear has a special fascination, and this fascination is often more than the interest in their bodies, have this hobby is called foot fetishists. Foot fetish is a subculture, "foot fetish culture" as an alternative sexual culture, now this is actually a lot of people are willing to admit, many of my friends around this fetish, can be directly and honestly to talk about a topic.

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Exposure fetishism refers to exposing oneself in public or intentionally letting people see the underwear worn by oneself in order to achieve sexual pleasure, especially those who reveal their breasts or sexual organs. Often at dusk or not too dark at night, waiting at the end of the street, parks or movie theaters near the place where there are not many people, or very crowded, but also the opportunity to take advantage of the place; there are also daytime stand in the doorway of the housing window, remote corners, when the opposite sex approached suddenly exposed their sexual organs, so that the other party was horrified, humiliated and embarrassed shame laughing and insulting, the patient is to feel the satisfaction of sex from it, and then quickly leave. According to the traditional psychological interpretation: exposure is mostly for the lack of self-confidence, with the opposite sex have difficulty getting along with the person, so to the opposite sex to reveal parts of the body, so that the other party to be shocked or attention and get sexual pleasure, is a kind of libido inversion. Nowadays, the common exposure behavior on the Internet is mostly for seeking excitement or attention. In most countries, people are prohibited from freely exposing their sexual organs in public places, and thus exhibitionism is also a sexual offense.

(sexual) fetishism

Fetishes are more subtle, and are not necessarily noticed by the sexual partner if the person with the fetish does not openly confess on his or her own. This kind of fetish, is a certain part or something, and sex associated. If a guy likes to play with your feet, watch TV and keep massaging them for you, put your toes in his mouth when having sex and sucking and orgasming, and ask you to clip his genitals with your feet or ask you to put your feet on his face, you he is having a foot fetish.

With the foot fetish often accompanied by the appearance, probably can be red nails and and black stockings, which, in turn, will excite him. Of course, there are other hand obsessions, breast obsessions, armpit obsessions, transvestites who are obsessed with clothing, and so on.

Foot fetishes and black stockings, red nails and other fetishes, etc., are mostly developed by boys in their early years, after they have developed sexual urges for female figures in their environment because of such images, and then they develop a tendency to be sexually aroused only if they are accompanied by the above characteristics. Many people don't always remember the stories of their early years, but their preference for certain objects stays with them as they grow up.

Forced orgasm/forced continuous orgasm

Use a high frequency vibrator to force an orgasm. It is also possible to continue stimulation without stopping after orgasm.


K9 generally refers to police dogs and military dogs, but in SM players, K9 specifically refers to dog slaves, also known as humanoid dogs, beautiful dogs, dog slaves. It is a kind of play to dress up a person as a dog, and there are special provisions for dressing up clothes, crawling way, speech prohibition, barking, etc. It is a kind of play belonging to the deprivation of personality, and similarly, there are cat slaves, horse slaves and so on.


Voyeurism is the means of satisfying one's own desires by peeking into the privacy of other people's lives, such as sex life, changing clothes, bathing, and under the skirt. The emergence of voyeurism may be due to sexual ignorance at a young age, resulting in a distorted and deformed sexual psychology, or it may be an alternative complement to adult sexual impotence, or lack of confidence in sexual ability.

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