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Some upgraded sex tips | Say goodbye to boredom

Are you bored with a single sexual pattern? Many people have lost their initial passion and desire for their partner, and are unimpressed and on the verge of breaking up.

Usually, there are only two results in this situation, most choose to break up, but then if one party can't let go, I suggest putting some effort into techniques such as lovemaking. Change is the best way, here is my compilation of some knowledge for your reference and learning! If you want to read more sex-related articles, feel free to check out the ooty website!

Dream ice trip

Ice, the impression may stay as a cheerful interlude of milk tea, coffee, wine and other drinks, few people would associate it with sex, so how to make ice rich in magic? First of all, it is recommended to use it in summer or in higher temperatures (it varies from person to person), then cover your eyes with a scarf or blindfold and slide the ice into your skin in order to open the sensitive nerves of each skin. Most importantly you can hide it in the recessed areas of the body, such as the valley of the chest, the navel or the crack of the buttocks, or sensitive areas such as the lips, neck muscles, spine, etc.

Try more cowgirl poses

cowgirl sex position


The cowgirl position, also known as the female on top position, is a classic position with many benefits. Have your lover lie down and subsequently cross over to him, releasing as much pressure on your lower body as possible for a slow, deeper fusion. The guy can spread his legs more spaciously or press harder on his lover's breasts to get leverage, or you can interlock your fingers for a visual and emotional progression.

There's something special about looking into the mirror

sex in mirror


In "Love in Prague", Sabine likes to have sex with Thomas in front of the mirror to satisfy the erotic control and boiling in the watching and staying. Men tend to be visually stimulated, some prefer well-lit places, others like to have sex while watching pornography, etc., because so they can satisfy visual sensual stimulation, and I have summarized some tips:

Enhance the eye touch: can make each other more clearly and immediately with lovers have eye touch, communication, and can enhance the visual stimulation to improve the enthusiasm of the couple.

Slow down the sexual foreplay positions: in front of the dresser mirror, the couple to slow down the camera to show each other's favorite sexual foreplay positions.

Excavate the more sensitive new location: touch each other when you can see the other party's small expression according to the bathroom mirror, especially in the husband can take the opportunity to dig out the other party's new sensitive area to help her reach orgasm first.

Showing sexy buttocks: the more developed muscles of men and the sultry curves of women can be seen according to the bathroom mirror.

Assisting the other partner in masturbation: The woman clings to his back from behind, slides both hands over his abdomen, holds the man's cock, and assists him in masturbation. During the whole process, each other can enjoy the "manual" process in the mirror.

Try some small games

Blindfolded woman

Tongue and lip undressing: Tie your hands up, then use your mouth to slowly strip her body of clothing, off at the same time, it may be worthwhile to stimulate her sensitive areas, and then some music to accompany the icing on the cake. Of course this process can not be long to more than 5 minutes, otherwise it is counterproductive!

Hide-and-seek: one of the parties to cover up the eyes, in the shortest possible time according to the other party to find each other in the sound. Of course the rules have to be clear, the losing side to be punished, the punishment is the loser to the most reluctant to do the usual way of sex for the lover "service".

Brushes: The brushes for women's makeup have rich and delicate bristles that have a shivering sensation as they brush across your body. Just grab a powder brush with rich bristles and gently tease his face, ear roots up to his pelvis and inner thighs. Of course you can try shoe brushes, toothbrushes and a host of other things, but of course I recommend buying a professional erotic hair brush, the effect naturally goes without saying!

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