Summer sex

Temperature affects sex? Summer sex guide

In "Summer," Robert Walzer writes, "In summer we eat green beans, peaches, cherries and melons. Long and pleasant in every sense of the word, the days make a sound."

In addition to eating and drinking to your heart's content, summer is also very suitable for a relationship, while everything is growing, and their lover to have a passionate sex is also a good choice.

I heard that sex in different seasons, the temperature will have a different impact on sex, and may even affect the chances of pregnancy, the sex of the baby, is this true? If you want to read more sex blogs, feel free to click here.

Summer sex

Can temperature affect people's probability of pregnancy?

A statistic from the University of Texas found that in the U.S. the peak of the baby birth rate is in late September each year, and the trough is in April.

Working backwards in time by 9 months, we can find that the highest number of people get pregnant in November-December each year, while the lowest number of people get pregnant in July to August.

A simple statistic was done and it was found that more people were born in November, December, and January, and by working backwards in time, more people were pregnant during the winter months as well.

Could it be that temperature also affects people's chances of getting pregnant?

According to a new study, scientists found that sperm concentration, count and viability were significantly lower in men in the summer compared to the winter, and the percentage of men at risk of infertility increased by about 9 percent.

That said, it's true that the chances of getting pregnant during summer sex are a little lower compared to winter. However, this is not an excuse not to use birth control~

There is also a possibility that because of the summer heat, people may keep "social distance" in order to keep cool, and summer people are prone to sweat, sweat odor will cover up the body odor brought about by human hormone secretion, so to a certain extent will reduce the desire to have sex;

But the icy winter months are different. Staying close to your lover for warmth is one of your favorite daily pastimes in the winter, and this intimacy often makes it easier for people to have sex with each other, and therefore easier to conceive.

Temperature can affect the sex of the baby?

There are some animals in nature whose sex and temperature are very closely related.

For example, in crocodiles, when crocodile eggs are incubated at 34°C, all the young male crocodiles are obtained; while when the temperature is lowered to 29°C, all the young female crocodiles are obtained; when the incubation temperature is 29-34°C, there are both female and male crocodiles.

So is human gender also influenced by temperature?

The German researchers studied birth records by looking at the years 1946-1995. The results showed that the largest number of newborn male babies were born in the months of April-June, while the smallest number of male babies were born in October. The same time backwards by 9 months, more male babies were conceived in July-September, while the most female babies were born around January.

The reason for this, scientists speculate that it may be because of the different effects of temperature on the x and y chromosomes related to the high temperature will have an effect on the X chromosome, while the low temperature will have an effect on the y chromosome, so it will affect the sex of the baby to some extent.

However, this statement is still in the hypothetical stage and does not have universal applicability.

For example, the birth rate of boys in temperate and cold regions where the temperature is lower is 51.3%, which is about 0.2% higher than the birth rate of boys in tropical regions, so it is not accurate to say that temperature affects the sex of the baby~.

Summer sex guide

Summer is here, the weather is getting hot, want to keep the sex with your partner in this summer also hot, you can do this

Summer sex

Sex in the morning:

Summer days are long and nights are short, not only is the weather cooler in the early morning, but the testosterone levels in men and women are at their highest at this time, and the desire is more likely to be awakened, and the boys have morning erections to help, the quality of sex will be more ideal.

Adjustment of suitable temperature

The room temperature is too low will reduce the blood circulation in the body, reduce the sensitivity of the skin, not only is not conducive to male erection, and women are not easy to get an orgasm, so in the summer sex, the temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low, otherwise not only will affect the sex to, there may be a cold ~.

Regular condom checks

Condoms can generally withstand high temperatures of 50 to 60 degrees Celsius, but long-term placement in a high-temperature environment will increase the chances of condom breakage, so it is best to keep condoms in a cool, dry environment to avoid the spread of unwanted pregnancies or sexual diseases.

Be careful with outdoor sex

Summer is a good time for camping and picnics, and many people may want to have sex on the beach, in a tent, or in a pool. Remember to protect your personal safety and privacy, as well as prevent mosquito bites and pay attention to hygiene to avoid getting gynecological diseases.

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