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The three most comfortable techniques for adult sex, worth a try!

Some people always say that they and their partners are always "jet-lagged" when it comes to sex:
 I want him not to want, he wants me and lost interest, like desire in different channels, always can not meet together can do?
 This problem, I believe that many people have the same feeling. Sex requires the tacit understanding and cooperation of two people, not in a channel will inevitably feel a little frustrated ......
As the saying goes, a slap on the wrist does not ring a bell. If you want to make love happily together, you have to be in the right place at the right time with the right person. If you want to check out more sex tips, feel free to check out the ooty website.

Right time

The Morning of Desire

Whenever the first rays of sunlight shine through the window in the morning, a guy's penis starts to "partially move", and yes, this is a guy's morning erection.
It is said that the morning is the best time for sex, because this is the time when a guy's penis can get erect without any extra effort, and it is not easy to fall down.
But having sex in the morning depends on how excited both parties are, it is not suitable for regular sex, after all, if you have to go out to work, it is quite annoying not to get rest afterwards.

have sex

A pleasant evening

For people who live a fast-paced life, sex in the evening this relaxed, free time is the choice of most people.
Because sex at night will not be disturbed, afterwards you can also sleep beautifully, both to fulfill the love, but also to meet their own, two birds with one stone.

The days of the month for girls (not menstruation)

Just like the moon rises and falls, the tide of desire in a girl's body also has a rise and fall.
Because of changes in the body's hormone levels, a girl's sex drive will be during ovulation, before the onset of menstruation and after the end of menstruation there are several small peaks.
Compared to the usual, the desire of girls at this time is more intense, appropriate sex can release this restless sexual energy, relieve physical and emotional tension and stress.

Do what you want to do

Although there is a certain pattern to human sexual desire, it is actually as elusive as the human creature itself. If we say when is the best time for human beings to have sex, it must be at the moment of each "want", after all, there is nothing more bold and direct than "want to have sex with you" confession?

Right place

Some people are confused: why does she not like to have sex with me?
It may be that she doesn't like to have sex with you, but she just doesn't want to have sex with you in "here".
Couples stay overnight, the hotel is not soundproof or worried about pinhole cameras.
Sex at home, the bed in the bedroom creaks when it moves, next door is the children's room.
If these problems exist, then it will certainly affect the "sex drive" of the two people, so to create a suitable environment for sex, first of all, all the distracting factors will be eliminated.
Secondly, if you want an environment that is not only suitable, but also enhances the experience of sex for you, then you need to put a little thought into it.
Light a scented candle, play two slow love songs, buy two bunches of red roses ......
These "useless" decorations can make the atmosphere more ambiguous, intentionally or unintentionally can provoke each other's desire.
Of course, if you have pets that like to "make trouble", such as jumping up and down dogs and cats, trouble to shut them out of the door to avoid "two people time" is disturbed.

have sex

Right person

The more common situation is that "no sex" is not because the relationship is not good enough, but because the sex drive is getting less and less
We are getting used to each other sleeping on our left/right side, to each other's constant rhythm of life, and to each other's old pajamas ......
When it comes to this, you should know that for partners who have love without sex, it is mainly because there is no more novelty.
If you want to increase the freshness, then you have to "toss" yourself, such as exercise, do not care if it is yoga, walking, or climbing the stairs, as long as the body is "invigorating" activities can be.
Change their own image, including but not limited to a change of hair, makeup, manicure, buy new clothes (want to be targeted, then buy a set of erotic lingerie is also good), use these things to make yourself look good.

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