Tips for better sex?

Tips for better sex?

Are you feeling bored and uninterested in a long-term romantic relationship and want to rekindle the spark of the honeymoon phase and bring intimacy and affection closer to each other? How to rekindle desire and have honeymoon sex in a long-term romantic relationship. What exactly is the secret to better sex? Does it also apply to new friends you just met?

Yes, good sex is more than intricate poses and wild desires, research shows that sexual intimacy is more of a state of mind than a physical act. Next we are going to talk about how to make sex more wonderful and what are the secrets to better sex?


Have you ever heard that a healthy relationship requires healthy communication? Communication is a necessary way to start new activities and improve the current situation. It is also the most important thing in a beautiful emotional relationship. Through communication and communication with your partner, you can understand what each other wants most and understand each other's sexual wishes and preferences. If you don’t know how to ask or want to know each other more deeply, you can try the yes, no, maybe list to better record and understand each other.

Being comfortable in a relationship can eliminate a lot of anxiety and fear, allowing us to enjoy a happy, sexy, and confident version of ourselves. Communication is the most effective way to make each other feel comfortable and relaxed in the relationship.

2. Expand your definition of sex

Breaking the stereotypes and stereotypes about sex, it is not just penetration that can be called sex. Any intimate act can be sexual, such as kissing, foreplay, erotic massage or even an erotic in-depth conversation, etc. Sex does not have an exclusive image, and the definition of sex in porn culture is too one-sided and narrow.

At the same time, orgasm is not the only purpose of sex. The experience during sex is the most important. Understanding each other's needs focuses on sexual satisfaction and sexual experience. If you like your partner to kiss you, tell your partner honestly and make this part of sex longer.

3. Flirting

In long-term relationships, the lack of passion and surprise romance is a very common thing. Flirting and expressing love to your partner can bring you closer to each other, rekindle each other's passion and excitement, and bring back the honeymoon experience. feelings. Bring flirting back into daily life. Of course, in addition to face-to-face flirting, you can also choose to send sexy text messages to each other online to ignite each other's desire and maintain sexual excitement.

4. Understand each other’s sexual desires

Only by understanding each other's wishes and sexual goals can we have better sexual experience and satisfaction, and enjoy our sex life better. Although the scope of sex is very wide, it does not mean that any sex can stimulate your desires, so it is important to understand each other's sexual preferences, try to explore each other's sexual fantasies, favorite sex scenes, role settings, and storyline to better immerse yourself in exploratory fantasies.

If you don't know much about your preferences, try educating yourself. Learn relevant knowledge on the Internet. Whether it's porn, pornographic books, or sex scenes in movies, etc., it can help you better understand your own preferences and feelings. Try watching different types and themes of porn to help you discover what attracts you most, what kind of behavior you like best, etc. Understanding these can help you have more satisfying sex.

5. Arrange sex life

When many people think of scheduled sex, they associate it with being bad. I think sex that lacks spontaneity is boring and boring. But is that really the case, and why are people so keen on arranging sex? Arranging sex life can bring about a healthy frequency of sex life and help stabilize and maintain the relationship with your partner. You can prepare small surprises and gifts for each other in advance, prepare for sex in advance, and maintain long-term excitement and anticipation. .

6. Try new things

Want more exciting sex? So why not try sex toys? It can give you extraordinary sensations and also promote the possibility of mixed orgasms. And it can be used well whether alone or with a partner. Sex toys also have many usage scenarios and can also be used as foreplay props.

With the development of the sex toy industry today, we have a lot of choices. Whether it is type, color or material, we can find what we like. You can also choose to try a variety of different sex toys to find your favorite. If you don’t know what sex toy to choose at the beginning, I recommend the rose sex toy to you. It not only has a beautiful appearance design, but also has the ability to be hidden from people. At the same time, it is powerful. It does not only rely on vibration, but also vibrates and sucks. Double stimulation brings you the pleasure of oral sex.

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