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Ways to up your sexting game

There is no doubt that sexting is one of the sexiest forms of foreplay.

There's the initial message, the tension, the ongoing banter (hopefully it stays on track), and maybe even an exchange of graphic photos (figuratively speaking, hopefully they hit home). So what does a person who loves using their smartphone do?

Easy: Dive into this article. Whether you're an experienced sex lover or a newbie, I've got a list of ideas to spark excitement in your next session. You are also welcome to learn more about sex hacks at the ootyemo website.

1.Start with a fun prologue

Look, I love sexting, but initiating it can be a little daunting. It's best not to jump into anything too explicit too early. You need their approval, so it’s crucial to judge whether the time is right for some heated conversation. A smart choice? My new capsule collection has just launched on visual messaging app HiNOTE. It offers a variety of stylish, personalized text templates perfect for sending "invitations" to sexting scenarios. They’re charming, chic and fun – let’s not take ourselves too seriously, it’s all about having fun! The recipient is likely to be happy, or at least smile upon receiving it, which is ideal for breaking the ice.

2.Take your time

When sexting, as in physical intimacy, the golden rule is to pace yourself—five times slower than your immediate inclinations.

The goal is to create sexual tension, which is an important part of the experience. Sexting isn’t about efficiency; It’s about imagining a tantalizing scenario together. Start by reliving a warm memory you shared together. The phrase "Remember when we...?" is always a promising opener. Relive the moment together, savor and describe in detail your favorite aspects.

3.Prioritize privacy

If you find yourself sexting in a public place (like at work) and worry about being spied on, consider investing in a privacy screen. Not only are these screens affordable (and great for protecting your phone from potential damage), but they also give you a sense of liberation when the pictures start playing. Speaking of which...

4.Master your naked game

Contrary to popular belief, sending nudes doesn't have to be a spur-of-the-moment decision, it's all up to you and your perfect lighting. 

When you feel confident, take some sexy selfies and store them in your phone's hidden/private folder when the time comes. what to give? The possibilities are endless: 

Teasing the camera (e.g. lifting shirt to reveal torso, hinting at cleavage, placing hands suggestively, etc.)

Focus photos (booty, breasts or traditional genital photos, etc.)

Full front (or back!)

...and countless combinations. However, following the "take your time" advice, consider starting with more subtle images and gradually revealing more skin as the conversation develops. You can also add an element of fun by making it a bit game - letting them "win" more photos by describing what they want to do to you.

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5.Imagine each other

Remember, this is a collaborative fantasy, so your role includes being curious, asking suggestive questions, and collaborating without dominating the conversation. Maintaining a balanced exchange is crucial.

Prepare some enticing leading questions ahead of time to seamlessly blend into the conversation and spark their desire. Questions like “Where would you like to feel my touch right now?” It can ignite their imagination. Feel free to experiment with language you wouldn't normally use in real life, because in this case you're exploring characters and immersing yourself in a fun fictional world. 

Using slightly more explicit terms, even if they're not part of your everyday vocabulary, can reinforce the moment. It's all about having fun, sharing exciting experiences, and most importantly, taking turns to keep the anticipation going. 


In the realm of sexting, mastering the art is a thrilling yet intricate dance. From teasing beginnings to exploring depths of intimacy, each step amplifies the excitement. Remember, it’s about engaging in a mutual fantasy, maintaining a playful balance, and fostering anticipation together. The ultimate goal? Crafting a thrilling narrative where both participants take the lead, building excitement, and sparking desires with each exchange. So, embrace the adventure, enjoy the tantalizing journey, and revel in the pleasures of collaborative imagination. With each message, the anticipation lingers, making the next session even more irresistible.

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