Folded Deckchair sex position

Why We Love The Folded Deckchair Sex Position?

Discover the Folded Deckchair sex position, an exciting surprise for my husband and me! It shouldn't have amazed me as much, considering the plethora of sexual position listicles on the internet with catchy titles like "69 Sex Positions You've Never Heard Of!" or "100 New Sex Positions to Try Right NOW!" Being a woman of a certain age, my body often protests if I sleep in the wrong position, let alone attempting some acrobatic sex move. But the 'folded deckchair'? Absolutely amazing! Also if you want to learn more sex tips, discover more on ooty.

What is it?

Before we delve into the details, let me offer a word of caution about this sex position - it demands excellent leg and back flexibility, especially for the partner being penetrated, and a strong core.

In the folded deckchair sex position, the person receiving penetration lies on their back. The giving partner kneels between their legs, and the receiver places their legs over the giver's shoulders. As the penetrative action begins, the partner thrusts deeply into the receiver's body (either vaginal or anal entrance), effectively folding the receiver's body much like the folding action of a traditional deckchair.

Why I like it?

Our fondness for the folded deckchair sex position stems from one predominant reason that keeps resurfacing in my mind.

It feels as if he's penetrating me from the opposite direction, aiming for the depths of my throat.

By "deep," I mean this sexual encounter goes beyond the ordinary. It's intensely, mind-blowingly deep, at times even thrillingly so. With him leaning against my buttocks or the back of my thighs, my legs draped over his shoulders, and him vigorously thrusting his member into my vagina, I find myself making involuntary sounds that could rival those found in explicit films.

Moreover, he exerts his weight onto my wrists, pinning me down. The pleasure is twofold: I can see how much he enjoys this fierce encounter, and he can witness the impact of each forceful thrust displayed across my contorted face, relishing every whimper of pleasure and desperation.

The allure of this position lies in the amplified depth achieved with each thrust. Engaging in the folded deckchair sex position adds a kinky twist to the missionary style, transforming sex from monotonous to exquisitely arousing and sensually delightful. My words fail to fully express the pleasure I derive from this position - it's just so overwhelmingly satisfying!

Folded Deckchair sex position

Require flexibility 

Being fond of the folded deckchair sex position, I am aware that it may not suit everyone due to the level of flexibility required. Even if you manage to position your legs over his shoulders, it might still be challenging to bend them sufficiently to accommodate penetrative entry.

Hence, I don't mean to imply that the folded deckchair is a one-size-fits-all solution. It might not be the ideal sex position for everyone, but for us, it holds great appeal due to its intimacy, eroticism, and highly effective orgasmic potential.

Practice The 'Folded Deckchair' Position

Let's explore a suggestion on how to gradually progress towards mastering the full folded deckchair sex position.

1.Assessing Your Flexibility

Before attempting the position with your partner, it's essential to gauge your flexibility. Lie on the bed and lift your legs as far up as you can comfortably manage. Remember, your partner will be supporting their weight behind them, so take that into account.

Can you bend your knees, bringing your thighs close to your chest? Can you extend your legs to form a right angle, with your legs upright and the soles of your feet facing the ceiling?

These exercises will provide valuable insights into your flexibility, helping you determine your readiness for the position with your partner.

2.Training During Oral Pleasure

Engaging in oral sex with your partner presents an excellent chance to practice for the folded deckchair position. Before the sex session, have an open conversation with your partner about your intentions (communication is key in all aspects). While he's going down on you, lightly place your toes on his back. If possible, gradually move your knees upward, drawing them closer to your body, and gently rest your feet on his shoulders.

How does it feel? This will offer you a useful indication of how comfortable you might be transitioning to hooking your legs over his shoulders during future sex sessions.

Folded Deckchair sex position

Maintaining an Open-Minded Approach Is Equally Crucial.

Undoubtedly, the primary allure of sex lies in its inherent pleasure, and I emphasize pleasure for all parties involved. To ensure a satisfying experience, there are several ways you can contribute: prioritize active consent, maintain clear communication between partners, and be adaptable throughout to ensure your partner's happiness and comfort.

In essence, there's no need to worry if your initial attempts at the folded deckchair position deviate from any preconceived notions of "rules" in sex. In fact, what are these supposed rules in sex anyway? As long as there's consent, honesty, and enjoyment, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you'll embrace the folded deckchair with legs over his shoulders, indulging in a passionate session that etches a lasting memory in your mind. Alternatively, you might opt for a standard deckchair, unhook a leg or two, and engage in the intimacy of missionary or explore the familiar comfort of doggy style. Flexibility in the sexual experience is essential for genuine enjoyment for all involved.


The folded deckchair sex position undoubtedly ranks among our top 3 favorite sexual positions. Witnessing his intense expression as he passionately explores my body, I feel an overwhelming depth of penetration, almost as if his cock is about to touch my tonsils. His firm grip holds me tightly, ensuring I remain folded up with my knees near my shoulders and my hips angled perfectly for an exhilarating G-spot stimulation.

If you ever have the opportunity to experience the folded deckchair sex position, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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