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Will women feel tired in high sex positions?

Some people think that men consume a lot of energy during sex and women are less active, so they don't feel tired. In fact, during sex women are in a passive state, they are even more tired than men. Women feel not tired, indicating that they have not yet reached orgasm. When women reach orgasm, physiological and psychological changes will occur, such as a faster heartbeat or whole body muscle tension can consume a lot of heat. If you want to learn more about sex, check out the ooty website!

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Excessive sexual action

Some seek excitement and will push too hard when having sex, but pushing too hard can easily damage the white membrane of the spongy body of the penis or rupture the epidermis of the penis, and some can even damage the vaginal skin of women.

Do not try difficult positions

many couples in order to increase the freshness and excitement, will try a variety of difficult positions during sex, but some difficult positions can lead to penile strains because of the direction strength and other reasons, and even make the female vagina damaged bleeding, so according to their own situation, especially the middle-aged and elderly, the middle-aged and elderly limb coordination is not harmonious, try difficult positions prone to accidental injury.

The first time sex ejaculation time is short

most people in the first time sex is self-feeling to carry out, the mood is more apprehensive, afraid to hurt each other. Sometimes the woman's vaginal opening can't even be found in a hurry, so in this case it's easy to ejaculate directly due to your own excessive nervousness.

Most people's first time is so sparse end, it is difficult to reach orgasm, and the glans of this sex novice has not yet received the sexual stimulation, so that the glans sensitivity is high. Therefore prematurely requesting ejaculation to the ejaculation center, but as long as the later experience a few more intercourse, can return to normal.

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The number of sexual life to be reasonable

sex life to prevent too often to prevent the impact on health. Healthy young men and women, after the newlyweds, 2-3 times a week sex is appropriate, if the health is not good people, the number of sex can be less, how often a sex, depending on the physical condition of the couple, mental state, emotions, etc..

The disharmony of sexual life leads to sexual dysfunction

between the couple will affect the degree of pleasure in sexual life, a long time in the disharmony of sexual life will also bring serious harm to men, so that they suffer from premature ejaculation, impotence or chronic prostatitis, etc., not only will also bring psychological harm, but also lose a certain degree of self-confidence as well as self-esteem.

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