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Women must learn | sublimated version of oral sex skills

"To catch a man's heart, you must first catch a man's stomach." This saying is outdated! Now it should be "to catch a man, you must first catch his cock." Girls, don't stay in the "oral sex is dirty" ignorance and superficial (provided that the cock was clean condition), you should know that oral sex skills good, no trouble in life ah.

No man does not love oral sex, make him comfortable at the same time, your pussy will automatically become moist, so that is the perfect foreplay ah. And oral sex skills are not difficult, but not simple, and in addition to experience you certainly also need to cram beforehand, the following four oral sex tips to learn, your man's moaning than you are sure to be more slutty. If you want to learn more sex tips, feel free to check out the ooty website.

Oral sex

Hold nuts

Many girls do not understand the importance of the testicles, this nuts can be a surefire way to make him ejaculate. Just use your hand to gently rub, and then according to his reaction to change the strength and frequency, and with a simple oral sex, and finally a gentle grip on the testicles, enough to make him immediately launch.

Vacuum Sucking

Take the cock deep into your mouth and push "it" upward with your tongue to help prevent the gagging sensation caused by the glans touching deep in your throat. Then use your tongue to lick the lower side of the cock, remember to deep throat focus is to breathe, like swimming to close the air to breathe, if you encounter a large size cock, you can change other positions (such as the upper jaw) to let the other side think there is a top; or hold the root of the penis with your hand to avoid oral sex into too deep and make you vomit.

have sex

Slowly rotating

Take the cock into your mouth, then rotate your head from side to side so that the cock rotates from side to side inside your mouth, touching different parts. Just make sure your teeth don't grind on "it" and control the speed, it's important not to rush the blowjob. This rotation combined with the sound of wet friction will make him extremely aroused, and you can also use your tongue to touch the root of the cock during the process, or you can shift the target to the scrotum and perineum, which are sensitive areas.

Laminar Massage

You have to know that we women pay attention to foreplay, men are the same, once you see him to take off all, a mouthful of cock down, only suitable for occasional taste, even oral sex also need to match the appropriate foreplay, you can start with two people kissing and caressing each other, from the top slowly down to touch, in his crotch position to stop, and then gently rub until you feel the hardness of the cock, before unzipping his pants. At this point, you can hold the cock with both hands and move it up and down and press it gently. When you see him breathing rapidly and moaning, it is time to push the pleasure to the peak, you can bend your head and use your tongue to lick around the periphery of the penis, this part is the most sensitive part of the universal male during oral sex, you can also use your fingers to touch, can bring each other when the time shuddering feeling oh.

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