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Bullet Vacuum Suction Cup

Bullet Vacuum Suction Cup

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-Add sucking function - when you feel like a good spiraling oral sex sucking, then this masturbator cup is your choice. This is a real suction machine. Re-invented to rekindle your sex life, this pulsating blow job stroker takes oral sex to incredible new levels.
- 6 vibration modes - this automatic male masturbator cup function - based on the basic function of the man's masturbation cup vibration, it offers a variety of options to help you enjoy a variety of stimulation. This stimulating and wonderful feeling is hard to reach with hands. The built-in special Spiral ribbons will increase your enjoyment of just the right rubbing.
- Unique heating function - long press to turn on the temperature button, the temperature can be adjusted automatically. The masturbator cup offers warmth by heating up to 38 ° or 42 °. With heat, this vibrator is unique and extraordinary in similar toys available for men. Add a different orgasm experience for you.
- USB charging and 100% waterproof - It can be fully charged in 60 minutes and can be used for 60 minutes, letting you enjoy the game alone. Good performance, easy to use and help you enjoy a lasting orgasm. This sex toy is waterproof all over the body. You can wash it directly in water and use it in the tub.

Kindly remind:
* Please read the user manual and instructions carefully before use.
* Clean before use, wash with warm water or mild detergent and dry with a towel
* It is recommended that you enjoy the massage experience safely.
* Please discreet to keep and store away from children

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