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69 Style Technique Tips and Tricks, the secret ways to achieve ultimate pleasure for you and your partner

69 is one of the best positions to enjoy the wonderful sex, visual can be a feast for the eyes, physiological extreme pleasure, greatly improving the quality of sex!

69 as a classic position in the I have not much contact with the sex of the time has known its thunderous reputation and the reason why 69 can have such a reputation may be because it brings people visual and psychological stimulation is other positions are incomparable.

Today we explore is to teach you how to use - lips and tongue force, that is, we are familiar with the position (69 style)! If you want to make him/her feel better (and yourself feel good, too) and have a deeper exchange, learn these tips below! If you want to learn more sex tips, feel free to check out our other articles.

Classic 69

69 style is generally refers to the male in the bottom of the female in the top, two people face to face, mouth and private parts connected to each other, each other oral sex a posture. But in fact, in practice, it is possible to change into a variety of ways:

The classic position 69 style for many people is a kind of position that is considered to be very shameful, not everyone can accept directly, so when you just start to try, you must have a relaxed mindset, do enough foreplay and patiently explore, so that each other can enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

For example, the guy is lying flat on his back and the girl is kneeling on top of him in contrast. The Z position of guy on the bottom and girl on top can make the girl more tired in the process, but it leads to a better experience. Because the guy's penis will naturally rise up when he is lying flat on his back, it is not only easy for the girl to bite, but also easy for her to control the depth by herself.

Lying 69 position

And due to gravity, the girl's body will naturally press down, which will make the distance between the mouth and vagina closer. That's the sex position of choice for guys.   

Not only can you see more clearly, but also more convenient to find her sensitive points oh.

Fancy 69

Both can be used in the traditional up and down T position, but also can be relatively sideways lying; both can be male on top of the female bottom, but also male on top of the female bottom; both can use each other's mouth, but also one side of the mouth, one side of the hand, or mutual use of the hand; with the mouth, the mouth of the part does not necessarily have to be the vagina and the penis, around the site is sometimes more need to be taken care of.

Up and Down 69 Poses

The advantage of the 69 position is that two people can do it and enjoy it at the same time, and the position is just right, which makes it easier to maneuver. It is truly aesthetically pleasing when the position is set up, leaving more than enough images for both yourself and the other person to visualize.

Although 69 style is usually more focused on the process of oral sex, but don't forget to use both hands to stimulate the love of the partner's sensitive G-spot at the right time, upgrade the 69 style experience, so that each other more engaged in the process of sex.

It's more exciting with sex toys

Trying to lead with words when the mouth is busy is unlikely, but for girls who are on top, they are perfectly capable of moving their bodies to tell each other what they want.

Don't rush to drop your privates on his face at first, but slowly adjust your body and move your lower body slightly to lead him to the place that makes you most comfortable.

Boys should not be disappointed! You can get on top of it! Tickle her private parts and also knead and slap her buttocks. Accelerate when you're close! Isn't there something wickedly fun about watching her until she can't help but gag?

In addition to oral sex, 69 style can also use vibrators and other toys, in addition to oral sex in the process of taking a break, but also to provide different stimulation for their partners. 69 position advantage is that the two can be carried out at the same time, at the same time to enjoy, and the position is just right, it is easier to operate.

69 poses. What happens if you fail?

But this position also has risks, especially when the angle is not right, not only can not cool, but also may be injured!

For example, when the man down on the woman because the angle of the penis after erection is usually upward, and above the mouth of the person in the mouth when the angle of the mouth and the usual oral sex compared to the opposite, so you need to put the penis slightly down (the direction of the legs) pressure some good to put into the mouth, this time, if too much force, or the angle is not right is the other side of the pain, and even if you put it into the mouth, but also may touch the teeth. Similarly, when the woman is on the bottom, it is not easy for the person on top to touch the vagina with his tongue, and he needs to bury his head very low.

But be aware that the chin against the pubic bone can cause a slight pain. Therefore, in my personal experience, the person on top usually has a better time. In fact, two people enjoying and giving to each other at the same time, there are other positions besides 69, experiment more and more and you may develop a pose that is exclusive to the two of you.

pose picture

After the body to teach, is not already mastered the essence of this game? Whether you have played or not you can try with him / her Oh, after all, comfortable or not can only use the body to experiment. It is also worth noting that, in the process of mutual fulfillment, not only is the power of the mouth and tongue, will also use fingers or other toys, must pay attention to hygiene oh! Finally, a friendly tip: If you have played 69, you will find yourself simply can not give each other mouth while enjoying the pleasure! So, we want to better experience 69 style, take turns to give turns to enjoy is a very good suggestion.

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