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The jaw-dropping top ten sexual customs

What are the jaw-dropping sex customs around the world? This article aims to provide an inventory of the top ten jaw-dropping sex customs around the world, including, for example, virgins are not allowed to get married, human corpse coitus, sister on behalf of sister sex services, mother-in-law in the wedding room to help, once a girl breaks the virginity, you must find someone forensics, sounds very odd, right, take a look at the full version to see how odd these sex customs really are. If you want to read more sex-related articles, feel free to check out the ooty website!

Guam: virgins are not allowed to marry
Dancing indigenous girls

Many men in modern society desire to own a woman who is a pure virgin, who has not been defiled by another man and whose precious "first time" they can possess. But among the indigenous groups of Guam, there is an ancient tradition that virgins are not allowed to marry. Some men go around the countryside looking for young virgins to deflower and get paid for it, which is their profession. Are there many men who are already excited to embark on this new path of "getting rich"?

Ancient India: Human corpse coitus

Ancient India had a strange custom: If the fiancée unfortunately died before the wedding, then her groomsmen have to complete their ironclad duties - coitus with the dead fiancée. More sensational things are still ahead: when this hundred-year opportunity, the whole village will gather to hold a grand ceremony. This time the drums and gongs, the ceremony was presided over by the village's respected priest, in full view of the village's friends and family and neighbors, the "sacrament" of human corpse coitus made its appearance!

French Guyanese adult male: everyone can have sex with the bride

In French Guyana, it is not easy to be a bride because all the men in the groom's family have the right to have sex with the bride until she becomes pregnant. The consequence of this is that it is quite difficult to find the son's real father, do we have to go to DNA testing?

sister on behalf of sister sex service

See what kind of preferential treatment men received here: When a pregnant Haidatsa woman reaches the final period of labor and can not have normal intercourse with her husband, She really can't let her husband endure such loneliness, simply ask their siblings or sisters to temporarily "help "The Haidatsa sisters' love for each other The Haida Tesar sisterly love to this extent, is a man will be happy it.

Colombia: mother-in-law in the wedding room to help

There are still a lot of weird customs in a certain part of Colombia, and on the night of the wedding, the law allows the bride's mother to stand by and monitor the situation, and to give immediate guidance if it is not done properly. This into a wedding room, next to the mother-in-law guidance, which should be laughing or should cry? This is the time when the heart is what feeling, probably only the groom himself knows.

Nigeria: Once a girl breaks her virginity, she must find a forensic

Three Nigerian girls dressed in white

In some parts of Nigeria, once a girl has broken her virginity, must find someone forensic, witnesses are not everyone can do, must be full of sexual experience by two women as, from the way of sex, to break the blood flow, all to record. After doing so, focus on how thick the hymen is, strict scientific forensics. Sex, do not need to be so serious, right?

Solomon Islands: No "self-touch"

Near the Solomon Islands, there is a small island called Tikopia, where the male islanders actually do not have the right to touch their penis. It can be said that without the "help" of the opposite sex, or the occasional seminal emission , they usually do not taste the taste of ejaculation.

Indonesia: the punishment for masturbation is beheading

The masturbation thing, neither violates the personal rights of others, nor endanger society, but in their own loneliness to solve a way of sexual hunger, at most on the moral level and psychologically condemned. But in Indonesia, the punishment for masturbation is beheading! This makes outsiders listen, but really have to be shocked!

Uruguay: Men are licensed to call prostitutes 200 times

Uruguayan men are absolutely not allowed to have sex with their wives during their menstruation, and all violators will be sent to prison. However, the law is not only human, these days men can legitimately call prostitutes, as long as they do not exceed 200 times. Two hundred times? What man can do 200 times in seven days? It is a tacit consent to recruit prostitutes!

Siberian women entertain travelers with their bodies
A beautiful Siberian woman holding a husky

Be careful when traveling to Siberia, Siberian women will use their bodies to entertain travelers, after a night of fun, women will ask travelers to gargle with their own urine, if you are willing to gargle is a VIP, refused to be the enemy of the whole clan. Gargling with urine for a night of pleasure, is it worth it? That is a matter of opinion.


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