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More and more couples or singles are willing to try out some new gadgets in their sex life, especially after the launch of rose toys. There are many people who are curious, and there are also many people who have the intention of acquiring a sex toy and just happen to come across the hot Rose Toy. Since its launch in 2019, it has always had a positive market response, attracting a large number of producers to copy and produce it. It has now spawned many versions with different features. If you are a big fan of Rose Toys, you might be interested in these novelty versions.

Classic generation: Red Rose Suction Toy

rose toy

This product is the cornerstone of the rose toy series and is the first rose-shaped sex toy. A delicate rose brings you an unprecedented orgasm that has indulged countless women. It mainly relies on suction to stimulate the clitoris to give you pleasure and orgasm. There is a small hole in its pistil, which is the core, and the rotating airflow from the vibrations inside the hole sucks and teases the clitoris and can turn you into a slut in a minute. It can even simulate perfect oral sex, you just need to gently press the open hang to enjoy the thrilling pleasure, into the heaven of orgasm.

Upgraded version: poppy multi-frequency masturbator


If you are tired of the classic generation, this upgraded version must not be missed. The new design and powerful features are totally worth getting. Similar to the previous generation is also a flower design element, but instead of a rose it is a budding poppy. The soul of its design is its pistil, which is removable. The two different stamens have different magic. The pointed pistil can be used to tease your nipples, or you can use the round pistil to grind against your vaginal opening and clitoris. Experience two different kinds of pleasure for the price of one product. It is also a type of vibrator with 10 different vibration frequencies, but the noise has been optimized compared to the previous generation, multi-layer noise reduction technology, vibration and grinding wheel infinitely close to the ear perception range, silent use. There are four colors available: pink, red, rose and purple.

Two in one: rose wand sucking rose toys

sex toy

This toy is a boon for people who want to have both a clitoral stimulator and a wand. Because it can be used as both a vibrating dildo and a clitoral suction cup. The one-piece design allows one end to attack your a-spot and g-spot, and the other end to satisfy your thirsty clitoris. Switch at will, so you can experience orgasm in an immersive way. Of course you can also use your imagination to make it serve you even more. Maybe it can also be an anal toy. As you can see, it's not very thick at one end, making it easier for novice penetrators and more effective with lubricant. 10 powerful vibration frequencies and 5 sucking modes, there's always a mode to make you I hair to pull yourself out. It is made of completely non-toxic and harmless silicone, soft and smooth, and can be used without worry.
 Ultimate version: tongue clitoris licking rose toy thrust

rose toy

This is the perfect toy that combines tongue licking, vibrating, and thrusting in one. I call it the ultimate version because of its great features. This is one option that every woman can't get around. It has a bilateral design that combines the tongue licking rose toy with the dildo, but this design does not make it bulky. Its end is not much different from the tongue licking rose toy, but its stamen is a soft little tongue that offers 7 tongue licking frequencies to give you a more pleasurable oral sex experience than a man's tongue. You may be able to resist for 5 minutes under a man's attack, but it can make you surrender for a minute. If you prefer a penetrative experience, it can satisfy you too. On the other end of it is a compact dildo that can automatically thrust and also offers 5 frequencies of vibration. So you can stimulate your clitoris with tongue licking while the dildo stimulates the g-spot, imagine how wonderful an experience that is!

There are very many other versions of the Rose toy on the market for sale, but I think these 4 include most of their features, and the other differences are only in appearance. And the price of these four is not expensive, well worth a try. If you have a need, you may want to get one now.

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