My Preferred Sex Positions. What are thay?

My Preferred Sex Positions. What are thay?

Do you have certain sexual poses that seem to be your go-to choices? I definitely have sex positions I favor, and previously, I've had concerns that my partner and I might be falling into a routine. A routine that, I must admit, is quite pleasurable. However, upon reviewing the sexual poses we frequently engage in, it became clear that we embrace more diversity than I had anticipated.

We aren't flexible like contortionists, acrobats, or gymnasts. We're just regular individuals. Our preferred sexual stances are quite achievable for many – unlike those back-bending, neck-twisting, leg-numbing, reserved-for-Olympians-only positions that frequently grace the pages of glossy magazines. There are some common sex positions we can choose from, or if you want to learn more sex tips, check out more articles on ooty.

Spooning / Sex In Spoons

Engaging in an intimate embrace, characterized by the spooning position, exudes an air of profound romance in our sexual repertoire. Our journey to this position often stems from a late-night snuggle or an early-morning embrace, when the world is just beginning to stir. A subtle movement of my hips against his arousal is all it takes to convey my readiness for a session of passionate spooning.

This particular position holds a sense of comfort that resonates deeply with us. He can seamlessly enter me from behind and initiate a rhythmic thrusting that culminates in his climax, all while his arms envelop me, tending to my breasts and nipples with playful caresses.

In this intimate setup, I'm afforded the liberty to stimulate my clitoris with my fingers as he passionately penetrates me. Alternatively, I may explore my inner recesses with my fingers, synchronizing our movements, or I might simply luxuriate in the languid pleasure of being taken, enveloped by the warmth of the moment.

Doggy Style

One position that has consistently topped our list of favorites is the rear-entry stance. On occasion, we opt for a straightforward approach, reveling in the primal ecstasy of unfettered coupling, whether as part of our regular sexual repertoire or a spontaneous rendezvous. What captivates me about the rear-entry position is its potential for spicing things up.

He might nudge my face into the cushion, clasp my neck with a firm grip, tilt my head back by tugging at my hair, and slip his hand beneath me to fondle my breasts and tease my clitoris. I retain the freedom to introduce a vibrating bullet or wand vibrator for an added surge of clitoral stimulation – assuming my hands are free, naturally.

When the intensity becomes almost overwhelming, causing my legs to tremble or engulfing me in waves of sensation until I'm on the brink of surrender, we can transition to a different variant. I'll stretch out, lying face-down on the bed, which provides him with a tighter grip as he slides into my vagina while I keep my legs firmly together. From this position, we might also consider transitioning to anal intercourse – provided the lubricant is easily accessible.

Doggy Style

The Missionary Position

The missionary position, often unfairly labeled as mundane, has earned a rather negative reputation as the 'vanilla' choice for penis-in-vagina (PiV) intercourse. While jokes about the missionary position abound, poking fun at supposedly lackluster sexual encounters, we perceive it quite differently. For us, this intimate position carries a unique blend of sensuality and comfort.

Setting it apart from the previously discussed positions is the element of eye contact. During our amorous moments, verbal dialogue tends to be focused on risqué and titillating name-calling, coupled with sensory expressions of pleasure. Yet, with the inclusion of eye contact in the missionary position, it's as if a wordless window into my partner's thoughts opens up. Given the duration of our partnership, I've become adept at deciphering his subtle cues, whether he's in the mood for a dash of kink, a passionate and primal encounter, or a tender and affectionate connection.

The incorporation of eye contact, especially in a position like the missionary, has a captivating effect on my mindfulness within the present moment. It amplifies the physical sensations of arousal during intercourse and lends an extra layer of intensity to the tantalizingly naughty name-calling or explicit requests that we exchange.

The Reclined Chair

Ever heard of the Reclined Chair sex position? Well, it's a captivating arrangement where the 'receiver' reclines on their back, while the 'provider' positions themselves kneeling between the receiver's legs. The receiver then artfully drapes their legs over the giver's shoulders. As the rhythmic dance of penetration unfolds, the penetrating partner delves deep into the receptive partner's body, resulting in a pleasurable folding of the receiver's form – a movement reminiscent of the graceful folding of a classic deckchair.

The magic of this position lies in its capacity for exceptionally profound penetration. Moreover, the close bodily contact achieved keeps us intimately connected, elevating the overall sensuality of our lovemaking. The proximity allows for passionate kisses, the tender brushing of cheeks, and the exchange of passionate or lustful words – all of this transpiring at the climax of penetration. While this position does demand a modicum of flexibility, the sensation of suppleness it imparts is exhilarating. Truly, it's a remarkable experience that we hold dear in our repertoire of sexual expressions.

Standing-up Sex

Among the myriad of ways we explore our desire, indulging in standing-up sex holds a distinct allure. This particular position demands a heightened level of energy, naturally – yet there are those moments when an impulsive quickie takes precedence over convenience. Be it against a sturdy wall, atop a desk's surface, or within the confines of a steamy shower, the absence of a traditional bed becomes inconsequential.

However, standing-up sex with an intimate face-to-face alignment often presents a subtle challenge, as if the angles are orchestrating their own rhythm. Perhaps the interplay of heights plays a role; my stature slightly surpasses that of my partner's. For an ergonomic synchrony in this context, my hips necessitate elevation above his, prompting him to support me at his waist level while my thighs grip firmly, allowing for his rhythmic thrusts. Yet, the equilibrium of this position sometimes leans more toward discomfort, particularly for him, as it's no small feat to engage in passionate union while shouldering the entirety of a partner's weight.

Standing-up Sex

Our preferred variant of standing-up sex revolves around a vertical take on doggy style, akin to an intimate embrace. My body finds support against whichever sturdy surface is at our disposal – be it a wall, a door, a desk, or even the transparency of a shower door. Slightly leaning forward, I find the perfect posture as he penetrates me from behind. In this configuration, comfort reigns, igniting a delightful frisson of intimacy. This fleeting intimacy is amplified by the thrill of indulging in spontaneous pleasure while still adorned in everyday attire.

There's an indescribable erotic essence to the haste of undoing buttons or adjusting garments just enough to grant unfettered access, surrendering to the intensity of our desires. This fervent connection, despite its brevity, leaves an indelible mark – a subtle flush and secret smile betraying the electrifying secret we share as we venture back into the world, hearts aflame with a whispered romance.

Crossed Blades

Venturing into the realm of innovative positions, one that has captivated our passion and facilitates an exhilarating intimacy is what we affectionately term "Crossed Blades." While often associated with same-sex encounters, this position, akin to a dance of interlocking blades, manifests its allure in heterosexual encounters as well.

Intriguingly akin to a variant of the Folded Deckchair, Crossed Blades takes shape with one partner supine upon the bed, mirroring the initial stance of the missionary position. One leg gracefully stretches parallel to the bed, while the other is elegantly raised, draping over the partner's strong shoulder. This artful angle adds an enthralling twist to penetration, ushering in a cascade of novel sensations as he enters my depths.

This distinctive angle of entry allows him to delve profoundly, unveiling new vistas of delight. It's no secret that we delight in the exquisite depths that our array of passionate positions unlocks. Moreover, the captivating facet of Crossed Blades lies in its ability to sustain unbroken eye contact, forging an intimate connection as our desires entwine.

As our bodies harmonize, engaging in this playful display of interconnectedness, the exhilaration of the moment is electrifyingly intensified. Through Crossed Blades, we find a pathway to a heightened sense of intimacy, where the magnetic allure of eye contact fuses with the passionate depths of our union.

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