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Sex Tips 2.0 | Try these role plays

Role-playing is the best way to restart the fire of love in the same sex, so many people will explore a series of different sex scenarios by changing costumes and performances.

But remember, before completing the role-playing, both parties must reach a good communication, but also requires sufficient trust and honesty between the two sides, in order to grasp the boundaries and the scale of safety. Here are 9 sex role-play scenarios, so you can always meet the exciting and fresh hot love it! If you want more sex tips, feel free to check out ooty website!

Dare to cheat in the office

The most exciting thing about role-playing is breaking taboos and creating passion. That's why boss-subordinate role-play is definitely always the way to go! To create authenticity, however, leave the bed and try daring sex on the table.

The forbidden love of a pretty maid

Role-playing can be based on their own preferences to choose the role, if you like the excitement of cheating, try to see play a beautiful maid, with the master of the house or a forbidden love it!

sexy maid

Massage technician

As a massage therapist can be said to be a double whammy, not only can you really relieve the body and take away the old exfoliation, but you can also use different parts of the body to stimulate each other during the massage, healthy and erotic!

Stimulating sex with strangers

Letting your partner approach you like a stranger you've never met, treating you like a stranger's body, and taking out the crazy desires you normally confine on each other is the best of both worlds and fun.

Stealing forbidden fruit between sessions

Doctor subject matter is also quite a lot of people like the subject matter, when there is an authoritative figure and you start treatment, slowly through physical contact and touch, while saying that this is the normal medical procedures, and so both eve to do enough when the two have long been burning with desire to have a crazy sex.

Outdoor wild lovemaking

After meeting a sexy man outdoors and flirting with each other, you will immediately have exciting sex in the grass, while worrying about whether there are people passing by, which must be very tempting and intense!

Take your first time

For most people, actually the first time is usually painfully nervous and awkward, so being able to recreate the shyness of the first time, yet having enough sex skills can definitely make a man want to have sex!

Yoga Sex Master

If your yoga skills are good, you can try a lot of bold and difficult sex moves that are sure to impress and excite your partner, or you can give orders to your partner to do specific moves, which is very fun and experimental.

Woman doing yoga at the beach

King's decree

Royal role-playing is quite sexy, with one party acting as a rather authoritative superior, who can dominate and violently perform the sex. Or you can also try the role of the emperor and concubines, you can certainly find a lot of fun in this.

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