Beautiful legs in black stockings

Stocking Fetishist Confessions

I am a pantyhose (stockings) fetish.

Believe me, fetishes are not our own fault at all, but mostly because we did not receive the right guidance in our early years, the causes of which are complex, including the influence of our mothers, the environment and the familiar people around us, etc.. For families that neglect sex education, parents are also likely to neglect our understanding of sex as we grow up.

Fetish is nothing more than a variation of sexual behavior, and it is very difficult to eliminate fetish at all, so why not look at it in a different way?

Fetishism needs to be treated based on one important premise: it has a negative effect on one's physical and mental health and interferes with normal interpersonal interactions and daily life at .

Beautiful legs in black stockings

So you need to face up to the fact of fetishism, does it bring you pleasure or only pain?

If all that is left is pain, then you need to get help from a psychologist.

If you can feel happy from it, it is good to do as a special hobby of their own, provided that do not endanger others.

Of course, you can not choose unhealthy ways, such as picking up and stealing other people's used clothes, now that the network is so developed, you can completely online shopping.

Finally, share your thoughts with a girlfriend or other trusted person and tell them that it's your personal preference, but it won't reflect badly on you, and I'm sure many people can understand.

It is not necessary to tell others about this, it is actually your personal privacy, but if you live with you, you still need to communicate and understand.

Beautiful legs in black stockings

I've been dating my girlfriend for four years before I told her about my fetish, and she's been completely understanding, she actually wishes I had told her earlier. I'm actually very grateful to my girlfriend, we love each other very much. When she learned that I was a stocking fetishist, her first reaction was surprise, and there was no discrimination against me nor did she want to break up with me, she readily accepted the fact. By now she would be not buying all kinds of stockings to meet my needs. I would like to say that in fact, the pressure mainly comes from yourself, this era is now much more open than in the past, do not add too much trouble to yourself, everyone has a problem. Do more things to enhance and enrich yourself and make yourself happy.

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