Three methods of contraception that are long-lasting, simple and safe

Want long-term contraception, but afraid of the impact on fertility, choose to protect each time, but inevitably, because of a fluke, an accident ......

So, is there a long-lasting, simple and safe contraceptive method to solve the problem? There really is! In the family of long-acting contraception, there are three main members: the hormonal ring (Mannitol), the copper ring (copper-containing IUD), and the subdermal implant. So what are the characteristics of each of these three and how do they work? I'll explain it all next, or if you want to read more sexual health related articles, check out the ootyemo website!

contraceptive device

"Elegant and efficient" hormone ring

The hormonal ring, also known as the levonorgestrel intrauterine device (Mannitol), is a soft, small, "T"-shaped stent made of polyethylene, which achieves contraception by releasing a fixed amount of progesterone every day. Its contraceptive mechanism mainly involves thickening the cervical mucus, preventing sperm from entering the uterine cavity through the cervical canal, reducing the sensitivity of the uterine lining to oestrogen, preventing the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus, and inhibiting the normal movement of sperm in the uterus and fallopian tubes.

"Elegant and efficient" hormone ring

The Hormonal Ring provides long-acting reversible contraception for 5 consecutive years, with a contraceptive effectiveness rate of over 99%, with no significant impact on health, and is tolerated by the vast majority of women. It is the most commonly used form of contraception by healthcare professionals themselves worldwide. The hormonal ring is made of non-metallic material and does not interfere with CT or MRI examinations. It can be removed at any time and fertility can be restored.

"Simple and Straightforward" Brass Ring

Among the contraceptive methods for women in our country, copper rings are more widely used. There are many types of copper rings, including T-type, V-type, uterine type and other forms. Its contraceptive mechanism is mainly the continuous release of biologically active, strong antifertility copper ions in the uterus, and the contraceptive effect is directly proportional to the copper-containing surface area. The contraceptive efficiency is more than 90%.

"Simple and Straightforward" Brass Ring

The copper ring is more affordable than the hormonal ring. It is usually placed for 5-7 years, or longer, and the main adverse effects are spot bleeding and back pain.

"Long-lasting and stable" subcutaneous implants

Subdermal implant is a small stick or capsule containing progestin, which is implanted under the skin and then the drug is released slowly and constantly into the bloodstream to exert a long-term contraceptive effect. Subdermal implants are mainly used for women who have had repeated dislodgment of the IUD or who have failed to use contraception, as well as for women who are not suitable for oral contraceptive pills or injectable pills.

IUD only plays a contraceptive role in the uterus, while subcutaneous implantation is a slow release of hormones into the blood, compared with the hormone ring, copper ring, its adverse reactions, contraindications will be slightly more. 1 subcutaneous implantation, effective contraception can last for 3-7 years.

Before there is no birth plan, it is very necessary to choose a long-lasting, simple and safe method of contraception, in order to reject the accident at the same time, but also to better protect themselves and protect the health of the uterus, all women understand?

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